Misc. Day – Funeral Promenade


The blurred lines between genre especially in subgenres becomes harder and harder to identify with each passing day. The Silver is a band that can border on the ugliness of black metal elements while keeping some melodic styles as some of the overtones.

The 2021 release Ward Of Roses is an eight-track saga over 42 minutes without an identifiable reprieve. Opening with “…First Utterance,” much of the beauty of The Silver occurs in the first moments. After that near minute of gentle guitar, there is somehow a level of muddied and somber depression as the group transfers into “Fallow.”

Here is The Silver’s first stand with being aggressive in the instrumentation. Previously, Ward Of Roses is set to be a picturesque funeral where the flowers are exchanged for solemn tombstones. “Fallow” appears to be calming at first glance, but as the additional instrumentation piles on, the audience becomes a victim.

The instrumentation led by Jamie Knox on the bass fights alongside his brother Matt Knox on the guitars. Enrique Sagarnaga obliterates on the percussion and keeps a rhythmic consistency with vocalist Nick Duchemin. The shouts and guttural are enough to grind against the overly metallic instrumentation.

Truly bordering between abrasive and understandingly spacious, tracks like “Breathe” match their title and allow some space between the audience and The Silver. The entire track is this push and pull toward some inevitable end. Forced through the wall of blast beats and rhythmic down tempos, truly The Silver is a conquering force of nature as Ward Of Roses marches on.

As that march continues toward “Gatekeeper,” one of the strongest tracks present on Ward Of Roses. The Silver is a force of reckoning power and prowess. “Gatekeeper” institutes in some way an ability to translate grindcore methods with these sudden stops to sound. These breaks give a brick wall to slam into without ever forcing a hand from the audience. Instead, they become trapped to fold under the pressure of a floor dropping beneath.

Caught off guard entirely, the title track “Ward Of Roses” gives way to a triumphant death entirely based on honor. The ballad-esque strings wrap around the audience and push them toward this unavoidable cliffside.

Disguised mostly as a hero’s death, The Silver etches their hands into the marble prisms of guidance. They capture the audience quickly and transfer sound as a device of not just torture, but structure and foundation to build upon.

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