Misc. Day – Ebony Armor


It only seems to be a fitting beginning to the incoming harsh winter months to hunker down and immediately listen to nothing but drum and bass EDM for the next consecutive 2,000 hours.

At the top of the food chain for that EDM love is Harmful Logic with their 2019 release SOULGEMCOLLECTION EP. A quick, five-track EP that packs the ability to groove with each piece.

The starting track “100PERCENTFEELINGS” is not exactly an instant firing with these synths that chime in the sun as if they were castles of ice. Once the reflection turns back onto the listener, that same warmth is transitioned into rapid-fire snares and kicking bass underneath.

While the feet begin to cut rugs, Harmful Logic stands to be present but somehow feels distant in their revelations. The Ireland producer combines the unstoppable lust for movement but also the ability to layer each piece to segue into different, but still thematically cohesive layouts.

One of the more bold-faced tracks on SOULGEMCOLLECTION EP, “Bluet00th” is the hard stepping symphony of the audience’s dreams. Harmful Logic starts immediately with a quarter-note click on a beat that has to be higher than 180bpm. “Blueto00th” flies around the ears with clasping hi-hats but keeps the audience on their feet.

The same rug that was being cut appears to be pulled away at the minute point where a beat switch builds tension and is more of a swooping groove that dips and dives. This becomes a slight intermission as the crushing, continuous bass taps back in while decimating the speakers.

The following track “Psych0 Saik0u” is a reprieve from the overwhelming walls of noise previously. Here there is no bass in the minute-and-a-half but instead, there is this lead up into the final moments of SOULGEMCOLLECTION EP.

Like a final boss fight, the supply room previously disguised as “Psych0 Saik0u” allots a moment to catch the breath and restock before “Submersed” hits. Less of a sprint, “Submersed” is the longest track on SOULGEMCOLLECTION EP and is a less abrasive take on sound.

The crypt-esque Symphony Of The Night styled synths are less haunting as they are inspiring. The desire to dance to these gothic pieces is almost as uncontrollable as the lead-up into the track. Movement becomes Harmful Logic’s number one method of supply for the audience. Once more around the icy winter land that Harmful Logic brings to the audience, they don’t freeze but instead heat up enough to stay alive within the five tracks.

Shaking off some of that initial rust that comes with the territory, SOULGEMCOLLECTION EP is fast-paced and perfect to break through the tundra’s thick ice.

Listen To SOULGEMCOLLECTION EP Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/iTunes

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