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Though formatted as a series of singles, PRODUCT by the Glasgow-born producer, SOPHIE is an engaging 26-minute mix of razor-edged wire walking between bubbly pop and electronic instrumentational breaking.

Opening with “BIPP,” the 2015 project gives feelings of immense dance motion between the cracking snaps of rubber-banding snares and the intense 808s underneath. One thing about SOPHIE on PRODUCT and throughout her career is the immaculate sense of layering. After each listen even on the first track, there are moments of discovery that continue to protrude through each listen.

She punches with this chorus that describes, “I can make ya feel better if ya let me. I can make ya feel better if you want to. I can make ya feel I make ya feel, if ya let me” coming from Marcella. Her vocals pushed over SOPHIE’s production continues to strong hand this pop boundary and the strange, giving SOPHIE identity from the first handshake.

Pieces like “LEMONADE” made PRODUCT become not just a project to disappear under the overwhelming amount of music released every day. Again dancing through a pop sound but having a standout style of electronic production, the whirling synths in the background resemble corkscrews twisting over glass. As the sharp staccato flares ignite the track, “LEMONADE” becomes intoxicating and the perfect transition into “HARD” that repaints the frame in seconds.

The bass alone in “HARD” is enough to give modern music a rethinking as what makes a track really thump. The stadium speakers are sporadic and the entire mix is chaos that resembles the brain on an utter meltdown. Splashes of color are flashes in the pan while the intensity burns at a nice cool 400 degrees Celsius.

Melting anything in a radius of fewer than 200 miles, the following of “MSMSMSM” takes similar approaches in being impossible to track while the synths lead into this cascading breakneck midi tapping of metallic spider legs. SOPHIE creates a world that rivals metal upon metal, like a blender that makes love to a colander, “MSMSMSM” needs to be experienced to be understood.

PRODUCT feels as if SOPHIE really understands what makes the head bop, and what makes a catchy instrumental. Her power on PRODUCT seems limitless in the eight tracks and while all singles releasing instead of one complete segueing project; SOPHIE is an international treasure on the MPC.

Listen To PRODUCT Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

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