Misc. Day – Obsidian Ambitions


Vegyn has perpetually been involved with being the outsider on most of the recent spins for records as an associated artist that is related to the main personal inflow. Whether JPEGMAFIA or Archy Marshall, there is something underlyingly connecting about the oxygen tank that flows from the machine to the MPC.

Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds is not just a proper resurrection, but Vegyn here is mystifying in this subterranean world behind panes of pristine glass. Especially on that first track, “Blue Verb” that is more a call back to the radio edits of hip-hop sampling that enamors poppy snares and rattling hi-hats.

There is a beauty to the distortion that Vegyn produces and as “Blue Verb” gets to become abstract and increasingly more warped, Vegyn becomes a joy to the ears. They are hopeful in a plastic world that continues to increase the flames on the burner underneath. Even following a traceable theme on Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds where the atmosphere is clean while the lyrics fall to the wayside.

The subtly from Vegyn is truly where they can capture an eye, or an ear rather and move progressively toward an arching end goal. “Cowboy ALLSTAR” uses sampling of horses rearing and acoustic strings being plucked as the main layer. But when the track begins to dissect itself, the bass lines are deep and coincide with the synthetic percussion that smacks to be a hybrid dance and electronic piece.

The idea of pushing on with the 16 track mix takes inspiration to epics like The Godfather on “Fake Life” where the old country reminds the audience of these intricate string section ensembles. As Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds makes razor-thin incisions, “Fake Life” is this healing potion that magically sews up the scars. The metamorphosis from the track’s opening where the strings are the main focal point changes drastically as the bending of sonics appears.

Performed like the tracks were created in an aquatic shuttle, the electronic factor blends on “Retro OTW” that gives one last somber look at the surface before submerging. The gentle build is like watching Earth from a space shuttle as it drifts out of sight. Further and further away, continually isolated by warm violin strings that border more on somber, Vegyn is gorgeous here. They are deeply moving without ever saying anything, when the vocals do appear, they are so distorted that they appear more as an instrumental addition rather than any quotable style.

But with “It’s Nice To Be Alive,” the oxygen mask comes off and bursts of the sun’s rays hit the listener, covering them in a warm coating before the end of Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds. Unforgettable passion drips over with staccato string snaps with a more upbeat electronic journey.

Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds quickly makes passes at shining, only to have moments of obsidian ambitions bring it down. The mix is exciting and more than anything, creates emotion to drown the audience from the speakers.

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