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Future; the place where Cities Aviv resides, sometimes borders on both the avant-garde and reality. Where paint melts but at the same time creates a rippling effect of distorted beauty.

On their 2015 collaborative project with Collect Records, Your Discretion Is Trust becomes unique from every front. Where light escapes the soul and fades from the eyes, Cities Aviv is the narration to the downfall. Perhaps it is the discovery laid in the warping synths or the charming atmospheric rings that feels somewhere between cyberpunk and experimental hip-hop, the spoken word poetry over gleaming instrumentation is fascinating.

Truly in the element of utter surprise, “Anticipation” is a lucid dream where a synthetic Dali could exist. A creation of humanistic bliss and the metallic machine crunch of analog instrumentation. The production from RPLD GHSTS on “Anticipation” is both paranoid, but in a dualistic sense, freeing to the mind. It erases some of the underlying fear of the present day, and installs fears of the future through paranoia and being lost in the crowd. With lyrics that describe, “Alleyways where they’re holding a speech, I’m wondering if the gods reach. Into the heart of the city, my boots stomp blocks.”

With less of the rhyme structure being a straight forward approach to rapping or hip-hop, the influence is more based on prodigious lines being rattled off like freedom of thought. Complete and undying expression of the mind that slowly and illusively turns to shadows in the cityscape.

Especially on the frequently revisited “Earth Signs” which is a breakneck difference from the noise tracks of “Black Sequence” that falls before it. Seemingly quicker in length as well, “Earth Signs” is rampaging with harsh bass and sampling occurring while Cities Aviv is a shouting conglomerate of production and lyricism. Throughout Your Discretion Is Trust and noticeably through Cities Aviv’s career of sonic approaches, their instrumentation has always been one of the reasons to return to each record and dissect the piece like a cadaver.

A prime example comes to “Isolation Quarters (Juk)” which comes directly from the source. Cities Aviv produces the track and as such is able to float over the twisting and chainsaw-esque synths that run and run like an engine under their voice. In a land of abstract and almost difficult to tap into styles from Cities Aviv, they can mold the audience to love moments of intrigue like “Isolation Quarters (Juk).”

Forced imagery of desolation and unstoppable mechanical towers off in the distance, Cities Aviv is a juggernaut in the full sense of the word. A lumbering giant that is impossible to break through on, and can continue to use force to paint their way upon the world.

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