Misc. Day – Tenement Kings


Precursors to punk rock and new wave are able to form the foundation for bands like Shitty Life that combine the free-based writing and guitar work on their 2018 release Switch Off Your Head similar to the work of screaming gods.

Opening with 12 tracks over 18 minutes, there isn’t much in space of hope for Shitty Life. Even as the name goes, the furious and deliberate pounding that follows is the mainline for Switch Off Your Head. The lightning-fast delivery peels back with “We’re Dead” through one-two steps on the percussion and shouts of DIY distortion on the vocals. Lyrics from Shitty Life hold descriptions of “You’ve put a mask on my face, you’ve distorted my reality. I can’t stop to freeze and shake, facing the truth breaks my head.” As the instrumentation builds up like a pressure cooker, the chorus that illustrates, “We’re all dead” burns and etches in the lines of the mind like wrinkles on the brain.

Similar to much of the punk rock that attracts the ears, the guttural approach and switchblade-esque riffs are as exciting as a midnight mugging. The blood pumps as Shitty Life transitions between “Weirdos” and “No Way Back” that seem to be without a single missed step in the segue machine.

The instrumentation takes no break off the foot of the neck and instead applies further; orchestrating to crush the windpipe of the audience. With surgical precision being thrown to the wayside, Shitty Life adopts “Neighborhood Watch” as being the bombastic middle ground where landmines survive. In only a minute and a half, the iron strikes hot as shouts hold the listener to be a hostage under the guise.

Burning like effigy to sonic assaults, Shitty Life is gorgeous at times even behind the coat of metallic silt that covers. Through the thick density of thickened blood dripping from the speakers by the end of the record, Switch Off Your Head is the perfect bite-size of health through sound.

Listen To SWITCH OFF YOUR HEAD Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

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