Misc. Day – Lavender Swirl


Don’t let the fast breakneck bass and percussive combination fool you, at first glance; Hunger For A Way Out by Sweeping Promises is smooth to the touch and immediately an injection of serotonin from the cold world.

The bedroom pop begins from the inception of the cheerful pitched synths and almost loose style of play that is reflective of an amateur start. But truthfully, this edge adds to the humanistic moments where Sweeping Promises are able to fully realize this monument of sound. Lira Mondal covers the vocals here and is an incredible defining factor to the record. From the title track alone, there is something enticing about her velvet delivery.

It is somehow minimal and resembles being captured all from a single microphone in a basement show where the audience is just inches away from the band. The entire place smells like cheap beer and even cheaper cigarettes, but Sweeping Promises is able to add new vitality to the room that hasn’t been seen before.

They lean hard into the bass being a detrimental piece of the puzzle as it begins to work like a brick mason pounding away at laying an obsidian-esque foundation for Sweeping Promises to live upon. On tracks like “Out Again” or “Falling Forward,” the bass is more of a tool than an instrument, but that goes for most of Hunger For A Way Out. Even the dual exhausted writing from Caufield Schnug and Mondal is refreshing as the production is handled in this way of being thrown together but not sloppy.

The progression makes sense here, but it never focuses entirely on segueing and posts more about just the initial impact of the push. One of the later tracks, “An Appetite” has Sweeping Promises working like a tandem bike with psychedelic undertones as blaring synths for only a moment to fill the quarter note beats. The percussion relies on a cymbal rattle to cover most of the splashes of color and the bass for once is less of a focus.

“An Appetite” rearranges the furniture and unveils just how much space that Sweeping Promises has to work with. Never faltering to a total conformed fit, Hunger For A Way Out is familiar but at the same time new enough to warrant a revisitation.

Hearing those strong riffs from the first seconds to the melancholy heartbreaks of the final half, Sweeping Promises is in with 10 tracks and leaves in 27 minutes. With just enough time to catch the eyes of everyone in the room and disappear into the smoke under a guise of lo-fi love.

Listen To Hunger For A Way Out Here!!! – BandCamp

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