Misc. Day – Atlanta’s Snowman


Yeene-enno that when Jeezy is able to step through the hallowed concrete cemetery disguised as Atlanta and into the living room of the listener on Trap Or Die 3, he is able to establish himself as the alpha male in the room.

With a grumbling voice made from years of gravel and grime, Jeezy’s delivery is immediately a boost of adrenaline and as the instrumentation that follows from producers like Shawty Redd, 30 Roc, or Mike WiLL Made-It adds to the intimidation factor. Established in a city that holds only nearly 500,000; Jeezy feels like a conqueror of worlds through trap rap.

Opening with “In The Air,” the 16 track mixtape is held as if it was an operatic experience. With vibrant strings and a furious 808 that seems to be ever-present like a looming specter, Jeezy is in full control of this Hellcat disguised as Trap Or Die 3. He begins by describing, “Heard the streets is talking to them bitches I’m listening. Y’all gon make me whip a quarter mil up with my wrist and shit. Shawty Redd got the beat banging, Snow back on his Snow shit.” As his ad-libs that resemble echoed laughs and screams of “Yeahhhhhhh,” Trap Or Die 3 is a telenovela where Jeezy is the star.

Especially on later pieces like “All There” which features Bankroll Fresh where the two lyricists can trade bars like Tyson and Ali, but Jeezy has the hand on the shifter. When the bell rings, Bankroll Fresh swings first and illustrates, “Dope Boy, ’95 Air Max on. Came from up the road boy you know we tax homes. You want a whole thing hit me on the black phone.” Then later on the hook Bankroll Fresh and Jeezy are able to combine like a project Voltron for a beast of delivery.

“Selling dope by the pot, straight drop it’s all there. Yeah, I just ran through the bag it’s all there. Pull up if you wanna buy a half it’s all there 28, 36, a 1000, all there.” Over the reliance of a church-bell set up to orchestrate the instrumentation by D. Rich, something about Trap Or Die 3 feels eerily similar to a guidebook like the Bible could be.

Even as the pot stays on the burner, Jeezy keeps spinning a block to circle back and lay down some foundation. Under an unbelievable amount of continuous hits and punches, Trap Or Die 3 spends all its time as the aggressor and wants to physically bury any listener that busts the plastic.

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