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“Candlesticks in the dark visions of bodies being burned” was a bar from Geto Boys that was striking enough to replay in the mind even far after “Mind Playing Tricks On Me” ended. Now nearly 30 years after the initial release, clipping. who has been one of the more engaging and intricate rap trios rework that paranoia and anxiety into their newest record that follows the same name.

Visions Of Bodies Being Burned is more an illusionary title from the heralds of Los Angeles that are almost seemingly where the blood runs cold. The first track after the “Intro” is “Say The Name” which reads more like a storybook than a straight-forward hip-hop record. Almost as if lyricist Daveed Diggs was a nighttime narrator to scare kids around a campfire. Only that campfire involves more of the sadistic and twisted chronicles that come from leaking holes in the head.

As the instrumentation divulges into more of an orchestra of horror with synths and clamoring metallic sounds, “Say The Name” is John Carpenter if he made a hip-hop track. The frantic synth work is sonic apprehension and uneasiness that transports throughout all of Visions Of Bodies Being Burned.

Especially on later pieces like “Check The Lock” that manage to have both an incredible amount of depth and layering but at the same time feel so minimalistic. The paranoia becomes overwhelming now as the lyrics describe, “Something in this room didn’t used to be, gin bottle to the face, can’t fool a G… He run the motherfucking city, yeah they know. But he check the lock every time he walk by the door.” With a higher productive dive from William Hutson and Jonathan Snipes, Visions Of Bodies Being Burned can be both intriguing and a worst nightmare.

The fever dream that follows as “Looking Like Meat” which features New Jersey’s favorite mutants, Ho99o9. The trifecta of panic and Abaddon based narrators comes together to fit the rather rapid and crashing undertones of Visions Of Bodies Being Burned. clipping. resorts more to being the boogeyman of walls of noise as the sharp synths rage and resemble an Atari 2600 going haywire.

But the burning continues and seems to be an endless ring of torture as clipping. are more ritualistic than previously and more in touch with creating a collection of utter dread. As Visions Of Bodies Being Burned continues to spin before the needle is taken off, clipping. digs broken nails into the sofa as the brain eventually shuts down.

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