New Music – I Just Wanted To Shine


“God mimics the sun,” describes AA Rashid on WHO MADE THE SUNSHINE, the opening to the continuously sprawling catalog from Westside Gunn. Coming off a technical studio debut from Gunn on Shady Records, it moves the portrayal of Buffalo city kids onto the main stage with both the ugliness of violence and the beauty of warped loops and broad shoulders.

“Sunshine Intro” is a charismatic pull back with the velvet curtain that Gunn can sit back behind like a controller of a grand wonderland like Oz. With mystery and torture on the way instead of gifts of confidence and brains, the following track “The Butcher And The Blade” features Benny The Butcher and Conway The Machine for a Griselda tornado triple threat.

Melting over a rampaging piano instrumental that twirls and twinkles against the grain of a punchy snare and bass combination, Gunn is hellish but charismatic. He describes, “Ayo, Pyer Moss over the Mossberg, for dark we shoot em all first. Hand in hand crack commerce, check out my arm work, my wrist work, Arm & Hammer the mixture.” With the focus that then switches to more automatic loves, he begins to say, “Ayo, peace seven, I had a fetish for the MAC-11s. Since an adolescent, learning lessons, got my shot perfected.”

The perfected shots in question come later with lyrical rips disguised as .380 ACP rounds from Conway and Benny where they work together as a lynching grip on the audience. Conway describes, “Look, how can I not win? At least three of the albums that I dropped in your top ten. Your wrist ‘tick-tick’ boy, the hand on my watch spin… I stacked two hundred during quarantine, I did not spend. I do not got friends, V12 on the side of that drop Benz.” Benny follows right behind with mob ties and direction to a breaking of bread.

He illustrates, “Put my team in position, now I’m surrounded by bosses. Niggas getting clipped, homicide questioning my involvement. Cashing out at the jeweler, y’all buying shit in installments. Patience, know it or not, now glaciers froze in the watch.” The emotion then changes to show diversity with the track “All Praises” that uses the vintage Alchemist tag beginning with “A-A-A-A-A-Alchemist.”

Gunn is more subdued here and almost in a worshipping non-secular way. He describes, “All praises, to the most high. Haven’t been asleep I heard shots all through the night. Be grateful, wrong, or right. Just hung up a collect call, they tryna give my nigga life.” As he continues over the smooth subtle creep, Gunn does not even deliver a verse but instead lets Jadakiss and Boldy James orchestrate under smoke-filled rooms.

So when you ask, “How ya been FLYGOD?,” Gunn could easily reply, “I been livin’,” and the way that he continues to consistently wet speakers through isolated gun assaults is immaculate. Blending the lines between art and emotional dissonance, the scorpion stings and burns the Griselda emblem into the prey.

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