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The disassociation of body and spirit that follows with Naeem’s newest stargate of Startisha breaks ground in sound. Not a record that is easy to digest with just a single interval, Startisha best performs under the fine-tooth intricate combing where the atmosphere can be fully engaged with and reflective of one’s self.

Naeem is a relatively new discovery forming from the prominent cover art of obsidian skin on the silk sheets and striking red sun that burns into the memory. The eyes that conflict are as stunning as a pistol under the coat and holds the listener at full attention. When the music finally starts with “You And I,” Startisha is instantly an acidic platform where the plateau has no reachable end in sight. The mountain continues to climb as the vocals over the calming backing holds a spotlight and candle to the wind. All eyes are here on Naeem.

The beauty of their vocals pours over like a burst of ecstasy over the burning surface of Mars. Describing, “No we don’t have time for the little things, because life is full of important things. Life is full of necessary things. Life is full of big machines and there just ain’t room for the little things.” When the transition follows into Simulation,” the pieces of this smooth jigsaw becomes closer to hip-hop rather than spoken word. The sudden bombastic nature of the 808s that clash and form over still isolated backing instrumentation is frankly gorgeous and glittered with diamonds.

This beauty is the main staple of Naeem and the production on Startisha continues to illustrate and sculpt ideological representations of dance like on “Us.” The isolation of the first tracks is disputed and instead is opted to become a close-knit club framework that can bounce toward this overarching spacious grab. The muddied bass smacks are as if a present DJ was mixing the record before the listener, creating a new experience with each beat. The almost unpredictable format that Naeem follows is refreshing and continues to push approachability into new hands.

Then as “Right Here” begins to fade into the frame, Startisha becomes a more recognizable entity. While nearly the shortest track on the record, “Right Here” is graceful and full of vitality that glimmers brightly in a darkened and seemingly dull backing. The settings that Naeem can thrive under is conclusive enough to showcase this natural ability of expression beyond sound. Overtly divisive, Startisha is a moonlit journey that travels less by gaslight and more by star power.

When the music ends, however, Naeem forms a bond with the listener that is both capturing and free, making sure that the chains are broken before getting too attached to this rock. Startisha is a piece that lives through the atmosphere it can surround itself in and creates an omnipotent grip where the listener is always under its control.

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