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There is something fascinating about a New York narrator as he stands among the walls of a concrete jungle with iron horses and sounds of steel crunching around him. The grind of dusk hours to the smells of street life that erupt from the ground pour-over and bleed into the pen where Medhane can successfully capture a Scorsese-esque parallel where the gritty and grime surrounds his work, but never implicates onto it. Instead, the filth is like a barrier that boosts the beauty of his newest piece, Cold Water into the heavens of sound.

Medhane’s production through his records becomes more and more similar to a dream where the gentle piano chords or the stoned apparition phases in-between reality and fiction. The land that exists beyond the mind and awoken consciousness that begins to blur and eventually, leads into the opening track, “Off Tha Strength.” Before the layers of tar and foundation are laid, Medhane fiddles to fit these moving poetic displays of musical athleticism in the same way that a hurdler can transcend tracks.

He takes a leap into shortened pieces like ”No Cap” or “Late” that are shuffled into drained delivery where deeper waters create a sink or swim style of flow. Instead of having a finesse of surfing over these waves, Medhane is oftentimes wading in the water and flowing that way, describing, “Fuck the pigs free my niggas out the chains, just the other day that I couldn’t feel, nothing real. Took a minute for them cuts to heal, scarred still.” This stream of consciousness writing performance is what makes Medhane such an impactful and charismatic narrator. From his first introduction Ba Suba, Ak Jamm to Own Pace, then FULL CIRCLE and now finally Cold Water, the progression is unmistakable but follows a theme.

One Medhane track can be placed within another and has a similar emotional draw, but then also can continue on to progress his timeline. When he reaches the very stuttered stance of “Watch My Step,” his strong displays of production choice boosts this immaculate punch with a feature coming from Jadasea. Also the longest track on Cold Water, “Watch My Step” has this bounce to it that is more lively than usual for Medhane but becomes welcome territory where he can control the pawns and push a hand that displays strength over pestilence. Balancing on an edge, Medhane describes, “Burnin rubber on the road, I learned that letting go leave some feelings to be told. Running to the goal, y’all was in my way … Watch my step, know I got my strength. Had to decompress, for some peace again.”

Cold Water comes off as a very authentic offering to an audience that is finally making their rounds to respecting Medhane for the narrator he is. While he follows a sound and style, he set the walls himself and is able to scale them for each release before opening the mountain top-up for a lookout place over the sprawling animal that embodies New York City.

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