Misc. Day – Bedroom Curtains


In the internet age of nearly 2020, it seems that there is never a shortage of information that is accessible at a moment’s notice. From an unlimited arsenal of music and records to hear to the endless endeavors of artists to follow, Yellow Days has this unidentifiable persona that is almost comforting as the rain sets in. The movement throughout his 2016 release Harmless Melodies is immensely therapeutic and his simple, but dynamic vocal range is lovely even at a distance.

Most introductions are great examples of what is in store for the listener, here the “intro” track on Harmless Melodies is a quick flash into the grease fire that seems uncontainable. The percussion is rapid but shows consistency within following the lines and creating a foundational roadmap for the guitar and vocals to trail alongside with. Everything on “Intro” creates flow and seems both monumental but also easygoing. It is a dichotomy of richness that is less rigid and bold, but more loose and human.

The following of “A Little While” is dreamy, illustrating some sense of a theme within the 25-minute release. The seven tracks are pleasant and snug, almost as if they were a favorite sweater that instantly releases dopamine. With a flood of emotion on that fuzz-ridden bass, Yellow Days becomes more emotional and dramatic here. The storm grows overhead and Harmless Melodies pours out through this passionate frame of being. Also being the longest track on the record, “A Little While” rides along with this approachable handshake that never skews or strays too far from the beaten path. It is a traversal that takes time warming up to, but Harmless Melodies is powerful and creative at its core.

The personal standout comes from “Interlude (It’s Alright)” which is a 55-second pour of drunken stammering and fading loops on the guitar that break into the scene and fall back. In this waving motion, Yellow Days holds direct attention from the listener even if he does not mean to. It is almost impossible to turn away with “Interlude (It’s Alright)” and while the song may be incredibly short, the elements of ability are there. The vocals are repeated while the paint seems to melt on the track as if a candle was held below for the oil to catch flame.

Harmless Melodies is fairly easy on the ears and while the vocals could take time to get accustomed to, Yellow Days is a treat within this fading sea of sound. Before the clouds are gone and the sky turns clear, every piece of the record combines to form a singular blast of moody, but hopeful looks to the horizon.

Listen To Harmless Melodies Here!!! – Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

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