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It is hard not to notice the adaptability and lifespan that Wiki has had as a career MC and writer in the harsh game of rap. It seems more like a sport for him as he bounces from court to court, whether on this continent or the next to administer an iron grip on the mic. On his second studio record but now double-digit era project, if including his past works, OOFIE is somehow captured by that singular phrase. It fits this odd, but Icarus flight that bends the pages towards a rise rather than an eventual fall.

Wiki has always had a strong production backing whether coming from Ratking’s often ambitious sampling works and busy instrumentals, to the more spread out work that followed from his pieces Lil Me and No Mountains In Manhattan on his solo ventures. In any sense of the word, Wiki is a visionary that can paint the setting through this instrumentation that on OOFIE shines bright like the sunset on the Hudson. The first track, “Intro” is somewhat somber and can be used as a conclusion rather than an introduction to the work ahead. With this ethereal and distant beat that plays over vocal loops that are even farther away, Wiki is a sailor heading toward this siren song disguised as the 14-track, 43-minute OOFIE stamp of approval.

On the broken, but somehow flowing work “Pesto” that follows, Wiki takes the Tony Seltzer instrumental and breaks backs over it. This is an aggressive formation that has been given glimpses in the past but now is on full approach. The ambidextrous nature that Wiki holds as he switches from cabs to trains with a head bursting with steam, he seems to be this overlord with control as he spits. He speaks about his stance in music describing, “Reviews strong, not enough views on the songs, bar level on like ten thou. Motherfucker, yeah I been here for a while.” Showing a gritted teeth and almost bitter sway in his vocals, he transitions into the following work featuring Lil Ugly Mane and Denzel Curry.

The hook here laid by Wiki on “Grim” is introspective and almost threatening as he describes, “When that Grim Reaper come could be chilling by the pool, ain’t nowhere to run man, the suns coming up and you ain’t gonna be around to see it when it’s full.” There is however this all-star cast of once underground musical heroes now almost breaching mainstream as Lil Ugly Mane drops one of his strongest verses ridden through anxiety and substance. “Grim” is a track that made the hidden memories of a high school reflection jump out of the skin and grin like the lottery was just won. Seeing Wiki, Lil Ugly Mane, and Denzel Curry all appearing on a single entity was enough lyrical ability to cross up even the strongest of any three-man weave teams.

As the halfway point splits and Wiki reaches “Way That I Am,” he recruits longtime collaborator Your Old Droog who illustrates a strong send-off into the second chapter of OOFIE. The chemistry that the two have is inspiring as they come together and just simply stand off to the side like New York vigilantes. They ignore the critics’ written word and instead live by this mantra on the track describing, “It’s just the way that I am, it’s how I live I do what I do.”

OOFIE sees a lot of green in Wiki’s future from the weird kid obsessed with Manhattan to being the golden child of the city. He is proud to be where he is from and OOFIE is an extension of maturing while staying in the artist spotlight.

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