Classic Day – Bodega Boy


Even though it was previously and initially released in 2007, it would not be until the next year where Corner Store Classic (Remixed) would jump into the arms of a young, but confident hip-hop head. After exchanging several hands, the first seconds on “I Shine” were inspiring and captured New York City’s Mecca of originality and style. As Skyzoo marches into glamour as a hip-hop heavyweight for lyricism, Corner Store Classic (Remixed) stands out as a pillar for a continuation into flashing lights.

“I got the media turning into a frenzy, the radio is debating on how to spend me. The hood love what it is, and that’s been me. So I’mma shine regardless, ya dig me?” begins the assured and progressive lyricist over an Eric G. instrumental. The spitting image of a Brooklyn MC who captures the local hero feel, Skyzoo leads this conquest around his stoops and murals. Making his way toward Manhattan, he turns and instead goes deeper into Brooklyn with “Braggin Rights (Remix)” that is iconic on both production and storytelling.

The sway that occurs from that boom-snap instrumental and the fierce, almost intimidating hums that underlay as the foundation only boost Skyzoo up. He soars on the instrumental residing in the same age of Rap City and 106 & Park where rhymes were these motivating factors that showed other sides of the country that most could never fathom. Skyzoo explains, “Cause homie this is the trenches, where the stomachs touch ribs and the pitchin’ is endless and the money is the rule of thumb, so understand that. Either go through ya runs, or put ya hands back,” as this organ rages underneath Skyzoo. It is sinister, but somehow still human as his vocals never crack under the pressure, but he can put the audience in front of that situation where money is the motivation. The setting may not be perfect here, but it is home for Skyzoo on Corner Store Classic (Remixed).

Another track that flashes into this 2008 sound of hip-hop that was flashy but had a bounce to it was “The Paper.” Weighted from the bass that conflicts within the snare cracks, there is an authenticity to the emotion from Skyzoo. This is a premeditated exchange of hands that is laid out like the NYC Subway maps. He can infiltrate the heart and “Still get love in any random zip code” as he explains over this string ensemble. It is a neighborhood classic that can showcase a love for home while stepping out and having a global reach.

He does not stop at just Brooklyn or even the entirety of New York City. Skyzoo takes Corner Store Classic (Remixed) to the face and is calm about it. Not only is it an inspired sound from the neighborhoods that breed excellence out in the city, but Skyzoo rides around and shines as the Spider-Man of Brooklyn.

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