New Music – Devil’s Night


An indirect way to approach rap and hip-hop comes the experimental but lyric heavy storyteller clipping. that enacts under immense atmospheric pressure and paranoia. Through their newest release There Existed An Addiction To Blood, clipping. draws direct inspiration from the 80’s horror themes that became iconic. Under the guise of John Carpenter especially, the hour-long journey is more based on agitated and frightened rhymes that paint red over the walls.

In this 15-track haunted house, there is not much in the case of straight-forward rhyming and music here. Instead, opting for a complete 180-degree turn, clipping. takes the listener through seven stages of hell beginning initially with limbo on “Nothing Is Safe.” This is the first introduction that clamors along with this single piano key in repetition until the 808s and vocals from Daveed Diggs conflicts on production from William Hutson and Jonathan Snipes.

As the circles continue, heresy seems to surround There Existed An Addiction To Blood which is illustrated perfectly in the track “Haunting (Interlude).” There is a woman’s voice that explains, “So who was really trying to kill me? Not my friend, but Satan. Why, I didn’t know.” It was one of the first times that a record had actually contained something so isolated and utterly shocking that the use actually throws the listener into this brick wall of hellish intent. The following track, “La Mala Ordina” is a creeping thriller that features ElCamino, Benny The Butcher, and The Rita who works as this featurette hydra team of knives and guns.

They all trade verses that are more sadistic as they continue on, from Diggs then jumping into ElCamino with a final shift to Benny The Butcher, this layer of harsh noise is then overlaid and entirely erupts the track in flames. This wall of sound hits like an aluminum bat to the cranium and continues for nearly two-minutes as the track falls into nothingness. There is not much here on There Existed An Addiction To Blood as a club-song or party hit, but clipping. never was there. Every track continues as if it was trying to push the listener farther and farther away from the original light that is cherished so much. They become more sadistic with each crunch and pulverization of bone.

This record is not made for the casual rap fan or even for a person who studies lyrics, but is instead for those who enjoy the sound of Halloween before falling asleep. For hearing the chains of some unknown presence that shake behind as you are unable to move, too slow to run, but still conscious enough to know fear. clipping. cares less if you survive the night or do not, they seem to love adding more bodies up to the pile that continues to burn into a morning that never truly arrives.

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