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As the doomsday clock ticks down to the final moments of the spinning metropolitan and sprawling city that makes up New York’s home to Corpus, the bold-faced collective of musicians and artists that formed a backbone to the city. A real harsh bludgeoning that stretches into the hardcore, genre-blending outfit of Show Me The Body and their newest assault on the ears, Dog Whistle.

The shrieking associated with the common household training item comes in second-nature, instantly as a building rise from the single “Camp Orchestra” which was accompanied by a breathtaking video of quick cuts and segmented streets. As ugly as Show Me The Body can be sometimes, there is often a glimmer of youthful hope that shines through their releases. Whether featuring some of the better known underground artists of New York, booking in D-I-Y venues across the globe, or creating a bash of one-two steps that can inflame even the pacifists.

With pushes toward this bleak and ultimately burnt world of ashes, Show Me The Body takes Dog Whistle and makes it hurt in the first moments. Where “Camp Orchestra” builds and sculpts structure around the soft bass lines that then begin to layer guitars and then finally erupt through this tense, almost jungle-esque firefight of confusion and emotional misery. As the lyrics “No work will set you free” are repeated over and over again almost as if a consistent mantra that a prisoner in a cell would repeat to keep that last bit of humanity, the ashes can be the remnants of a destroying element that wipes out civilization, but they can also illustrate a purging and room for new rebirth to take place. With Dog Whistle, this is the constant motion as “Camp Orchestra” turns into the crunching “Not For Love” where the vocals are directly belligerent and blown out. Mosh pits come quickly, with a need for movement where anything and everything must be jumped off of. As the people rise out of the with snaps and rattles of the snares and hi-hat, the tension continues to build through Dog Whistle with an iconic three coffins staring right back at the listener.

The forever exploding transitions from Show Me The Body keep a progressive package that shows little time for rest. Dog Whistle is a twisted mess on “Forks And Knives” where the surrounding walls of sound continually shake the heavens until some sense of pride falls through. The record can instantly take that pent-up ability and potential energy, redistributing it into a creative outlet that engages more than just the music but a community effort to create a platform where Show Me The Body light the fires. As “Forks And Knives” twist into the canvas, marking territory through ferocity and terror tactics; Show Me The Body adapts to become New York’s ugliest monster of creation.

Before the train departs leaving Dog Whistle into new horizons, Show Me The Body takes “USA Lullaby”, an angst-ridden final push where bodies are stacked upon bodies. The track paints a desolate future that describes “This work won’t make you free, sacrifice nobody. Buildings burn, now you got new pavement. Up north trip or an encasement, bombs will probably break this hurt, shake us from the Earth.” Keeping to a consistent theme of breaking down the social barriers to redefine a new methodology.

Dog Whistle single-handedly instills that seed of hope to the creative, whether in New York or across the globe. The remnants of burning skyscrapers in the distance for a 28-minute gripping new reality shows through as the nails are placed into those three black coffins, signifying more than just intimidation within Show Me The Body’s music.

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