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Rakeem Calief Myer, better known under his stage persona of Roc Marciano holds one of the essential needs of a diverse hip-hop artist and lyricist. His voice is recognizable and the way that he can use his rugged, but still eased tone over the classy instrumentation is what makes Marci Beaucoup stand out for the delivery and the all-star cast of features recruited as well.

As the introduction of clashing hi-hats that sound as the climatic ending of a Scorsese film, the 1970’s synths and warping MOOG instrumentation wraps around the string ensembles that leads the listener down the velvet hallway of “Love Means”. Featuring rapper Evidence and a sample of HBO’s Gotti, “What’s life about? You don’t go through it as a man’s man. You should suck it up, take the fall. Do the time, that’s what made you who you are, that makes you what you are” is is the first drawing of the curtain before Evidence opens the lyrical approach coming from the vast grouping of artists on Marci Beaucoup. It is actually Marcianowho steals the track away with his verse that describes, “I need a check with three commas, hit the tropics, switch the topics. The pants come with six pockets, twist limbs out the sockets” as a vocal sample describes throughout the track, “Love Leads…” with both Evidence and Marciano tag teaming the simple, but almost classical sense of an instrumental.

Following is one of the more capturing tracks of Marci Beaucoup with “Didn’t Know” with a music box tone that uses a fairly uncomplicated snare and bass drum beat that works well within the simplicity of most of the instrumentation on Marci Beaucoup. Having the features from both Freewayand Knowledge The Pirateboosts the versatility as Marciano is able to move around, but keep a consistent theme of 70’s style New York.

Marci Beaucoup feels grimy, but more in the lyrical aspects than the actual sound coming from the production. This is apparent throughout the way that The Alchemist and Oh Noworks together under the alias of Gangrene who had one of the better team-ups with You Disgust Me. The high-class hydra is superior on the track “Psych Ward” that grips the listener and holds them hostage under the flashy instrumentation and superb lyrical delivery. The two-part beat production is one of the higher points of Marci Beaucoup and quickly became one of the tracks that was jumped to because of its ability to control the crowd and deliver on some movement.

With the monumental features, lyrical kicks, and the production clean enough to make an all white coupe seem trashy, Marci Beaucoup is a delivery on hip-hop. It captures that spirit of being your own boss, making your own moves, and creating a chess game within life; leavingRoc Marciano as the king.

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