Misc. Day – Castle Shadows


Ignorant music is one of those guilty pleasures that holds such a high place in my heart. It is such an ugly side of music that attracts me and is just as gritty as the dirty streets of the city in the late nights.

Juicy J is continually aggressive throughout his music and is the king of rude rap. It is not a new style, but there is something about Juicy J’s delivery that makes his music stand out more than the competition. With the production from $UICIDEBOY$, Highly Intoxicated quickly became a rising star in my music library. It was while I was thinking about my site, I realized that I do not review enough ugly music that is crushing, but uplifting in personal gain. The type of music that makes money a motivation for a slight second and is irresistible to move to.

The thunder crashes give way to the the opening track simply called, “Intro” leads Juicy J into the first of what would become eighteen total tracks in a saga of punchy bass anthems and rough cut entertainment. “This ain’t a mixtape, bitch this a rich tape. Nah it ain’t my birthday but I got big cake… Do I really got them bands? (Yeah Hoe, Yeah Hoe),” is exactly what Juicy J delivers within the first minutes of Highly Intoxicated. It is ugly, aggressive, but is also able to be chanted in a room full of crowded people, turning the dance floor into a mosh pit fairly quickly.

From “Dope Fiend” to “Call My Lawyer”, Juicy J comes with a powerhouse of instrumentation from $UICIDEBOY$, TM88, Mike Will, Southside, and even Juicy J himself. It is a powerhouse of hip-hop power that becomes engaging and movement inducing with the ad-libs shining brightly from each lyricist featured on Highly Intoxicated.

The production is simply the best portion of the tracks present and makes the splashes of Juicy J’s verses a topping to the sweet cake that comes from the instrumentation. It attacks, spazzes, and eventually goes out with a bang.

Listen To Highly Intoxicated Here – DatPiff


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