New Music – A Knife In The Dark


Team SESH has a strong foundation in the underground hip-hop scene that is led by some of the most promising beat-makers, creators, and artists. At one of the helms, lays Drew, The Architect, who formally spells his name drew the architect and is one of the heavy hitters on the production aspect for Team SESH.

With his newest project, lapidary°, drew acts as a master behind his machines that create storyboards in his work. The constantly shifting tides that drew paints through his iconic style of the shadowy figure who has a gentle side can connect with the listener; creating a new form of beauty and mystery. From the incredibly spacious first track, “sun-drenched dawn,” or the crunch of the hi-hats and bass on “tired existence°,” drew is continually impressive and adaptable in almost any situation.

Through the subtle creep of the overwhelming synths and rumbling bass that opens “sun-drenched dawn.” The title fits the track and creates tension that is configured well into the flow of lapidary°. Drew the architect makes music that is synonymous to the early morning graveyards and the sunset ridden streets of a fallen town. Especially present on “sun-drenched dawn” where he paints a feeling of emotional stress over the listener, but formally introduces a more percussion focused and seguing momentum on “wonder if they’ll miss me.”

Drew’s sensibility behind his instrumentals and the way that he can spawn these different emotions through quick cuts is impressive and sets him apart from other producers. “Wonder if they’ll miss me” is invoking toward a more gentle, more approachable creature where the instrumental is brighter and shows the signs of waves that come in and fade away.

Almost impossible to miss, drew continues to use distorted snares and basses to create an architectural backing to his music. He displays a foundation where there is room for space and is effective behind his beats. Drew can switch from a rapid bass and snare tribute to nineties’ boom-bap as on “into thê mind (above),” or become the sluggish giant that manipulates his ability to fit an ever-changing, broken mold.

“Tyyluéx” is the final stopping point for drew, the plucking strings and slamming bass that floods over the gracefulness is impressive and dualistic. In tandem with the clicking noise that takes over the hi-hats, drew creates a beautiful outro to an already interesting and deeply layered piece of work. Drew always has something substantial to bring to the table and can do an immaculate job of creating these landscapes that rely and last on his ability.

Through lapidary°, drew strikes new ground and continues to create sound that is immersive and able to shift the listener into drew’s mind. There is not a single track that feels similar and the always changing style is something that drew uses to his ability time after time.

Listen To lapidary° Here!!! – BandCamp/Soundcloud


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