Misc. Day – From The Deep End


Jinsang is a pure soul, his artistry is a direct reflection of the California based hip-hop producer that shines brightly and becomes a glimmering monument in lo-fi sound. It is the playful, but jazz and vocal influenced production that propels Jinsang’s latest project, Confessions, into new territory.

Harmony and new landscapes go hand-in-hand with Jinsang as he takes samples and original style to illustrate these proclamations of sound. It is the beauty and grace of the gentle saxophones, or the simple, but detailed percussive sets that spring the movement. Especially on the introduction to Jinsang’s wonderland, “light” which features a subtle build before erupting into a full surrounding of sound. The worlds that Jinsang paints through his production are ones that rely heavily on the roots of stringed instruments and a new blend of drums that switch and shift through the sun-filled rays. Jinsang is an artist that showcases a serious talent to his beat making, there are the touches of polish where sections of the beat is cut out and then replaced with a sample or a completely different switch. Occurring specifically on “Flow On” where a break is placed inside the instrumental to then let in a simple “Yeah” or “What, what” that coincides within the soft, but passionate horns.

There are moments of sheer bliss on Confessions, and Jinsang displays his prowess to create and distribute a sense of understanding behind his tools. The ability to create and have a steady flow of memorable beats makes Confessions a project that is necessary to return to see every little detail that Jinsang provides. It feels like a new adventure each time and while the sound stays in a similar fashion, the actual feeling behind them changes frequently. They take these dives and rises through the sound, the falling action and the eventual glory that comes with the final notes that resonate over certain tracks make for an adventure that never needs an end. Without a rapper or lyricist over the instrumentals, Jinsang is set to have the spotlight completely on himself; this works out incredibly well for him.

Confessions showcases a large amount of ability from Jinsang and it is the short, but gripping “confusion” that has an almost psychedelic feel. As the percussion begins to flood into frame, along with the beauty of the dancing guitars; it becomes clear that Jinsang is a creative mastermind. The fourteen-track stroll is easy on the ears, and never overstays to become bearing on too long for an instrumental project. There are three tracks that teeters over into the three-minute mark, but feature switch-ups and transitions that fill that time effortlessly. A simple, but well-crafted mix of instrumentals featured on Confessions propel Jinsang into the most interesting side of an artist where his craft is approachable and shows a humanistic side. His sound is compelling and while entirely soft, there are moments where Jinsang can display raw emotion behind his sound.

The purity behind Jinsang is something that will always be attractive to the ears; showing a human face to the entirely instrumental sound. Confessions mixes everything there is to love about hip-hop instrumentation and displays a prowess when it comes to creating beauty from his fingers.

Listen To Confessions Here!!! – BandCamp/Soundcloud/Spotify

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