Heaven’s Gates

The final destination, the last stop for the $UICIDEBOY$ for the $uicidal $agas even as they most likely have ten more albums arriving before the end of 2017. KILL YOURSELF PART XX: THE INFINITY SAGA is the rawest, most audacious, freefall of a descent into the afterlife. As the title suggests, along with the cover art of a Heaven’s Gate’s aftermath of a mass suicide; it is clear that $UICIDEBOY$ are putting their cards out on the table, unleashing the firestorms of head-hitting production and lyrical fury.

With KILL YOURSELF PART XX: THE INFINITY SAGA, $UICIDEBOY$ hold no bars on their aggression as they begin with “FOR THE LAST TIME”, a surprisingly bouncing style of instrumental mixed with devious verses that strike cold fear as they describe simply hellish settings of hopeless futures. $crim cuts “FOR THE LAST TIME” wide open as he describes, “Stay in the cut on the Northside, Hollow points, trigger fingers on my fucking .45, demons rising out the crypt”. $crim then later begins to say, “Xanax for the panic, mental problems you can add in. Multi-million owned business, you just signed a deal, bruh? Three years passed, still broke? And you ain’t paid up”. As Ruby then shines with his outsider charm, “Ruby such a misfit, Hollywood Babylon can’t resist it.” The two $UICIDEBOY$ are a perfect pair that could not survive without the other. With the production and verses being handled together, $UICIDEBOY$ are a serious threat both on and off the microphone.

As they begin to move onto the mid-mark with “I HUNG MYSELF FOR A PERSONA”, Ruby decides to open with a verse that is similar to a whisper over an instrumental that includes Kill Bill-esque siren wails, ringing phones, and even a police siren that segues $crim into the track with a second verse. When $crim is able to rhyme “Chopper city, dead bodies, alligators, disembodied” as the snarl and hiss of alligators cut through the beat like razor teeth, it creates a feeling of bliss. It is completely contradictory, but $UICIDEBOY$ finally let the flood gates down and a hurricane of verses that work cleverly shine through. Even in the ugliest portions of music, $UICIDEBOY$ can illustrate a sense of true mastery behind their craft.

With something that is the musical styling of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, $UICIDEBOY$ put all the last haymakers into “NOW I’M UP TO MY NECK IN OFFERS”. A track that has no limits behind it, the production is like a hammer that strikes down with church organs, clacking hi-hats, and shouts of ad-libs that create a true hell on a track. $crim delivers a masterful opening verse where he is snide, similar in fashion to Mr. Hyde, describing, “No more, I got cash, cash, cash, and cars and broads, hit that seven figure mark without an A&R.” Ruby then jumps right in with barely any segue, “Probably cop a script of Roxy’s, Oddy kinda sloppy. Got me dodging all these bodies, body bag ‘em in the lobby”. The sincere style of dead-to-rights verses that $UICIDEBOY$ deliver is the final nail in the coffin.

From all five $agas, KILL YOURSELF PART XX: THE INFINITY SAGA is by most means the most violent and destructive of all. The production smacks as the 808’s crumble up and explode around the pianos, samples, and insane vocal performances by both $crim and Ruby. $UICIDEBOY$ have given enough music to be retired, but still they persist. What ever they have in store for the future, they know $UICIDEBOY$ will forever live on as one of the heads of rap music.


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