New Music – Seven-Minute Death


Seven-Minutes; Seven-Minutes is all it takes for CøNDITIøN to become a boa constrictor of hardcore anguish. Their newest EP, Subjugated Fate is a thrashing monster of blood-pumping energy. From the bowels and pits of punishing, aggressive, threatening punk, come CøNDITIøN; they swing in full fury and leave faster than they entered.

With the first self-titled track “Subjugated Fate”, CøNDITIøN waste no time blasting on, guns blazing. The unapologetic fury of blitzing strings, crashing and crushing cymbals, and vocals that match well with the chaos. Subjugated Fate just barely reaches under the seven-minute mark, leaving CøNDITIøN to maneuver like a rabid animal that attacks relentlessly and with very little to no breaks in-between their onslaught of sound. There is however, a method behind their madness and the following track, “Civilization Decimation” uses riffs that are sporadic, but still have a sense of seguing motions and CøNDITIøN keeps a consistent flow behind their noise.

It is the moments of pure gasoline and matches where CøNDITIøN stands above in a sea of hardcore bands. They have a cutting-edge of mixing a melodic and crushing style behind these sudden moments of segues that completely blend the whole action together into one giant, well-formed mix. On the third cut, “Metal Poisoning”, CøNDITIøN uses drum fills to correlate the different layers of their rough, but focused style of playing. There is also a bass break-down around the minute-marker that cuts the action for a split-second before launching into the final track on Subjugated Fate.

“Signed in Blood” is the loudest, most furious of all the tracks featured on Subjugated Fate. It shows no code of morals; it instead focuses on beating the listener to a pulp under a baseball bat of pounding percussion and vocals that shake the room. As they progress through the near annihilation of music, CøNDITIøN reaches another break-down where they slow, but still move fast enough to jump off the furniture or the stage. The sudden throat-punching, dog-esque “bark” from the vocalist comes striking through the emptiness, leading CøNDITIøN down the dark path of inevitable silence that takes Subjugated Fate into the fading light.

CøNDITIøN is by no means friendly, their hardcore style of play and their dangerous attitudes makes them a threat that loves to be watched. Without a moment’s notice, they can be thrashing through the window, breaking everything in sight, or lighting the fires of a thousand suns. Through Subjugated Fate, they are given a platform to stage their destruction, and do not care who gets in the way.

Listen To Subjugated Fate Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify

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