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Deep from the remnants of Yamborghini High, A$AP Mob come forward as a beacon of hip-hop compilation albums with their newest exhibition of Cozy Tapes Vol. 2: Too Cozy. Featuring more than enough gold-plated artists, A$AP Mob acts as a call back to the days of rap super groups like Wu-Tang Clan, N.W.A., or Bone Thugs-N-Harmony where they act as different heads of a multi-layered coin. Together, they become an unstoppable team of lyricists, singers, producers, and comedians as Cozy Tapes Vol. 2: Too Cozy does nothing but add more accolades behind A$AP Mob’s collection, in a world-wide take over that’s long overdue.

From the first insightful track, “Skool Bus (Skit)” where the comedic nature of A$AP Mob shines through with a laugh out loud display of a roasting session that ends with the final statement, “I’m cozy than a mothafucka in this school! I ain’t going nowhere”. The perfect segue to the very proud, “Perry Ave” that features A$AP Nast, Playboy Carti, Jaden Smith, and A$AP Rocky as they take their turns demolishing a new age hip-hop example of the varying styles that A$AP Mob can capture perfectly. The way that Jaden Smith is used on the hook/chorus to present a look into the lavish lifestyle, “Me and Rocky sip the sake up in Paris, eating calamari. Me and Carti at a party with some shawties, say what’s up to Bari”. Then as Rocky comes in a full swing, he wastes no time describing, “Out in Paris like I’m Perry Ellis, Parisian people love parasailing. Parallel park the 911, Parisian stones, fuck yo VVS’s”. The flexed style of A$AP Mob fits like puzzle-pieces to the much larger sections of Cozy Tapes, as shown later on the later following track, “Walk On Water” where Playboy Carti begins to describe, “We can touch the water, bitch I walk, walk on top of water…”, A$AP Mob acts as a tornado-tag-team of vocalists as A$AP Ant, Twelvyy, Ferg and Nast all move as a single unit that never shows mercy through the relentless displays of endless lyrics.

The output is changed quickly as Rocky takes the direction into a steadier flight with the following track, “BYF (Be Your Friend)” where A$AP Ant, Smooky Margielaa and Rocky lead a very smooth, gentle R&B track with a sung hook and a look into the more charismatic and tender styled Rocky. The sudden shift is almost jarring as it takes A$AP Rocky from a more dramatic, in your face style; to a more loving lyricist that explains, “I just, I just want to be your friend…This new sensation won’t feel the same again”. A similar change is presented once again as “Get The Bag” where all of A$AP Mob joins together to pass the microphone through the total eight different rhymers featured. While staying under five total-minutes, A$AP Mob deliberately sets out to create a sense of how much each of their lives have changed since the beginning.

A$AP Mob is deserving of everything that comes toward them as they have constantly been able to mix with different genres and ideas, forming one mass of hip-hop collectives that influenced just about everyone on the market today. This is present on the single, “RAF” that features Quavo, Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, and Frank Ocean in a superstar rap track with a conflicting style of instrumentals that can play to each rhymer’s own personal style. The reverberation and the chord progression matches Ocean’s monotone voice and the rambling percussion fits both Quavo and Lil Uzi Vert’s style as well. “RAF” is a great ender that finishes with Frank Ocean on the final moments to lead A$AP Mob into the shadowy smoke from which they emerged.

The rules of A$AP Mob seem simple enough, their rhymes and the styles that they adapt are very true to all the solo careers of A$AP Mob’s; as well as doing something completely different. Cozy Tapes Vol. 2: Too Cozy is a bit of a mixed bag, but that is in no way a negative thing for A$AP Mob. Instead, it only boosts the ability as the mood changes in such dualistic directions. They act with a code of operations, and A$AP Mob is no stranger to staying on top of the competition.

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