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Action Bronson has been in the news lately for his ridiculous cooking show, “F*** That’s Delicious”, or his show “Ancient Aliens with Action Bronson”, or most likely heard him bringing back the glorious days of hip-hop while power-slamming fans off the stage. In whatever matter you saw Action, he returns prolifically with his newest continuation of the saga, Blue Chips 7000. Including skits, features from Rick Ross, Big Body Bes, Jah Tiger, and Meyhem Lauren, Action Bronson brings the power with his step into the time-machine of rap; taking the production back thirty-years, back to the dusty wood grain trailers and home cooked barbecue, and it has never been better.

Bronson is a clever lyricist that realizes this, and capitalizes on how he can maneuver the production to accompany his wit. With even the first track, “Wolfpack”, Bronson uses a sample from someone who sounds like his mother, asking, “How high are you?”. Bronson then jumps right into the game show-esque production with punchlines about, “Puerto Rican Air Force One’s at the wedding, I’m only speaking truth. Uh, I might open up for Bruce, my own horn I don’t really mean to toot…”, Bronson then goes on to say in his second verse, “This dick’ll make an R&B chick write a song about the rain when it falls and the pain that it causes”. This style of lyricism has always been present behind Bronson; he is a juggernaut of wordplay and demonstrates again and again that he is at the top of his game with each release. It is the adaptability of Bronson that makes his style continually interesting, on the following track, “La Luna”, Action Bronson raps over hold music on a phone call and it makes for a comedic segue that leads into one of the better produced tracks of Blue Chips 7000. Bronson explains, “Came out the pussy wearing Timbs, oh my lord, it’s him. Time to put the toys back in the bin, ‘cause I’m sick of this shit, motherfucker sweeter than a licorice stick…Asian shooter with the blonde hair, Street Fighter character. Fuck around, suplex ‘em through the salad bar”. Bronson is not just brash however, he can show a more approachable, more relaxed side as well, like the ying-yang of rap.

While not slowing down completely, the production does provide more of a jazz-influenced style with tapping cymbal hits and synth keys that play sporadically on “My Right Lung”, where Bronson barely raps, but instead professes that he would, “[I’d] Give my right lung if I could dunk a basketball one time”. The comedic nature of Bronson makes him seem like one of the funniest guys in rap music as he makes each release have some sort of comedic nature behind his words, either through lyrics or skits. Then as the dance club track, “Let Me Breathe” fades into focus, Bronson treats the track as a speedboat where he moves quickly, practically screaming, “Man, I’m flying past Saturn, fuck outta here like I ain’t that savage. Two Uzis and a rifle, it’s like I’m at the studio with Michael (Jackson). You can hear me dancing on the beat, Bam Bam ‘bout to put a mansion on the beach”. When he is not rhyming about the exclusive life, or becoming the next big thing at N.A.S.A, Bronson is instead rhyming about his lavish lifestyle of cars and city streets, as he does on one of the final cuts, “Chop Chop Chop”.

One of the best tracks off of Blue Chips 7000, Bronson has killer production and even more killer lyrics when he explains through a smoky haze, “The wheels on the Range go Chop, Chop, Chop. All up and down the block, block, block”. The production is a mix of authentic percussion of classic rock fills and a guitar that effortlessly strums along, complementing Bronson’s style fantastically. This is also true on the final track, “Durag vs. Headband” which has a feature from Big Body Bes, who angrily expresses, “And when I die, make sure you spread my blood on a BMW”. This is then the catalyst for Bronson to have apache screams while he explains, “Microphone attached to my head so I can dance my little heart out. Don’t make me bring the white guitar out, like the one in Wayne’s World. That was shinin’ in the window, since 13, I been a nympho”. Bronson then continues on to say, “Fuck, That’s Delicious on box set, Me and my mans smokin’ on big drugs and feasting on the ox leg. Stand in the store with twenty Ahmed’s, Bazookas on shoulders, hundred pounds of C4 in a stroller”.

The appeal of Bronson are the tracks like these on Blue Chips 7000 where he can let loose, and just rhyme what is on his mind. His music is not going to raise any serious questions, no one is going to look deeply into Blue Chips 7000 for the answers to life, but it is one of the best releases of the year so far, without a question. Even if Bronson is not one of the artists that you follow, Blue Chips 7000 is the perfect time to get started, without any excuses.

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