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STREAMING // (Album) DIIV – “Live At The Murmrr Theatre”

Listen Here – BandCamp Mixed By: Jarvis Taveniere Mastered By: Alex DeTurk Track List: Druun, Past Lives, Human, When You Sleep, Dopamine, Hollow, Loose Ends, How Long Have You Known, Under The Sun, Earthboy, Wait

Misc. Day – Indie Dreams

Through the jam sessions that erupt out of basement house shows, kicked over kegs in Oakland, and a desire to create something humanistic behind instrumental machines; Oshin, the 2012 release from the Brooklyn Zoo’s own supersonic and mostly instrumental band, DIIV is a wonderful… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Indie Dreams”

New Music – I Decide

Among the brash experimentalist style of artist creation as the driving force behind music, genre lets the listener narrow down the sound into a frame. With a band that stands so far away from the rigidness, Protomartyr delivers with their newest structure of artistic… Continue Reading “New Music – I Decide”

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