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STREAMING // (Track) Radiohead – “If You Say The Word”

Listen Here – Youtube Full Release On: November 5th, 2021

Classic Day – Longing For Touch

In the discussion for what is truly the best Radiohead record in substance, tone, and overall delivery, the conversation always personally led straight back to OK Computer. The way that record could make something as serious as a suicide feel as if it was… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Longing For Touch”

Classic Day – Paranoid Android

To encompass the beauty to the bitter is to understand that OK Computer, Radiohead’s third studio record is a bleak break in a technological world. Every android, person, or machine that embodies some form of emotion can see the progression from The Bends and… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Paranoid Android”

STREAMING // (Track) Radiohead – “Ill Wind”

Listen Here – Youtube (Unofficial)/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes  

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