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STREAMING // (Album) DJ Lucas – “Big Bleep Music Vol. 3”

Listen Here – Spotify/iTunes Featuring: Chris Tophr, Bekah CC, Reed!, SIR. MERC, subjxct 5, Riqqy, Ashley, Ma-Ka, Rilla Force, 948jess, Sims Bentley, Slunt, DJ Nate, CM Basquiat, March Davis, Zacwoods, Weird Dane, Vanderbeats

New Music – Hearth and Chimney

Hodgy, formerly known as Hodgy Beats, now adopting a new persona tries his hand with the newest release, Fireplace: TheNotTheOtherSide. Focusing more on his personal story, gone are the Odd Future lines that seem almost like a lifetime ago. This is a new chapter… Continue Reading “New Music – Hearth and Chimney”

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