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Classic Day – Bomb Squad

“Some foreign power, some group of terrorists, some individual concern,” begins the third studio record from Public Enemy. Fear of a Black Planet showcases a hip-hop group’s love for the controversy and publicity while pushing a social agenda through sound and engaging production. Each… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Bomb Squad”

Classic Day – Welcome To AmeriKKKA

In a time where racial stress flexes through the ages, America needs a leader; someone to take the reigns and lead in the correct direction. Someone that stands up for the people and that will look out for his fellow man, Ice Cube is… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Welcome To AmeriKKKA”

Classic Day – Breaking Barriers

Public Enemy’s most wanted, the multi-threat consisting of Chuck D, Flavor Flav, Terminator X, DJ Lord, and Professor Griff made waves when connecting rap music to a community, bringing emotional and physical distress to the foreground of society. Public Enemy captured a unique funk/rock… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Breaking Barriers”

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