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STREAMING // (Album) Liquids – “Life Is Pain Idiot”

Listen Here – BandCamp Track List: When You Were Born (You Should’ve Died), Dont Wanna Get To Know You, All U Say, More Thana Friend, Werewolves, You’re Burning, Weak, Violent, Tryin’, Think Too Much, Strutter, You’re A Punk, Lemon Rice (Doomed To Live), Shitty Fucking… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Album) Liquids – “Life Is Pain Idiot””

New Music – The Descent In The Pit

Bottomless Pit is the newest release from experimental, hardcore, aggression heavy and hard to define band, Death Grips. This is now the bands eighth release not including the newest Interview 2016, Black Google, or the Death Grips EP. Death Grips is a mysterious band,… Continue Reading “New Music – The Descent In The Pit”

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