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It’s been a well-known fact to anyone who has heard or personally met Patrick Morales, better known formally as Wiki that he could rap. Whether his work from the New York City captains Ratking or in his solo work which over the years, has crafted a more personal adaptation of the native New Yorker’s journey through the streets.

By bus, train, or plane, Wiki has been showing immaculate growth from his rhymes as a teenager that spoke to generations wanting to escape the mundane and dive immediately into the sweltering pot of culture that the city has.

Now, working hand in hand with Sage Elsesser, known internationally as Navy Blue; there is a desire to be more progressive and showcase this heightening of skill. Wiki was always special at combining storytelling elements through the guise of a total insider for culture, being the glue that holds New York’s music together.

A character not just for his ability but the way that he could rhyme at such a young age and invoke emotion like no other rapper at the time personally. So with his joint project on Half God, Wiki is not just older and seemingly wiser with his word choice, but the way that he can guide the listener instead of yelling at them is a new feeling.

He stands among the crowd on the opening track “Not Today” which paints the early morning rise of the city where the sun has still not touched the pavement. The bricks that have been touched by 1,000,000 plus shoes is the framework for Wiki to paint this near hour of sound over 16 tracks.

He illustrates over frantic pianos and whirring sirens, “I’ve been sonning sons since the first son of a gun. Since the first someone’s tongue the expression was uttered from. What I sung make youngins feel even younger than they was.” From the wordplay that in the first minute becomes impressive and brow-raising; but there is a new life to Wiki’s sound through Navy Blue’s production.

Expressional through the track “Remarkably,” Wiki takes less of an abrasive style to his name and adopts the New York boom-bap revival that artists like MIKE and Navy Blue have been able to mold and craft upon. This is an album and a record specifically for rhyme lovers, for people who read through the lyrics and enjoy the art of poetry.

While Wiki was a great choice as a rhymer, he is slowly working in to be this artist that slides past the immature bars and becomes this true wordsmith. Half God is especially fantastic on pieces like “Wik Da God” or “Home” where the power is infused in his vocals and for once in his rhymes, there is this pride that wasn’t present before. He stands like a golden god of verse and balladry, something that artists like Plato wish they could imitate.

Half God takes the practice that Wiki has been working for what seems like nearly a decade and capitalizes on establishing growth within his audience. The junior high raps become young adults and the new youth to not just spit alongside Wiki, but to learn with him as well.

Listen To Half God Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/iTunes

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