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It may not seem like it from the cover art on Contradicciones, but the instrumental fashion and work from Las Hiedras are electrifying. Like a childhood drawing, the ability here of Las Hiedras is colorful, loose, and done in entirely crayon.

Opening with an instrumental track, “Vampirx” is incredibly fast and has a swinging nature to it. The guitar and bass are able to find selective grooves and give an idea of being able to capture the ears. Only one minute in length, “Vampirx” is a bombastic lead-in for quick and almost overpowering sensibilities.

Pulling back the curtain on “Calles,” vocals are introduced and begin to take hold on the audience. More of a conquering nature than any sort of free will, Las Hiedras quickly takes shape to be fluid, like water, heating up to a boil as “Calles” begins the first notes.

Even though the lyrics are all done in Spanish, the instrumentals are perfect matches to the shouting standoffs that keep the non-lingual crowd entertained. Especially on “Sin Tu Amor” which becomes a tight dance of two-stepping and checkered floors. The ska-style built around the foundation of essential horns and rapid percussion, Las Hiedras is essentially constructed on the idea of creating music that is more fun to be heard in a crowd than alone at the house.

Tracks fly by as if they were just seconds in the shortened run on Contradicciones, only lasting a total of 10 tracks over 16-minutes. Contradicciones gives mainly a solid reason to return and repeat the adventure through sound. The instrumentation is particularly interesting as it captures the essence of being created among friends in a basement. Only this basement has the talent and nature of progressive building and real moments of overjoy to the party.

Las Hiedras may not focus entirely on one subject like tonality or tension, instead, they opt to push toward playing and leaving as fast as possible. In their quickened and heightened sense, Contradicciones is nearby just long enough to instill the desire for wanting even more time with Las Hiedras.

When the production does finally find a stopping point, Contradicciones spends its moments not in limbo, but in ways of trying to pick up the pieces and restart the engine. Whether fueled by gasoline or riffs, Las Hiedras becomes a national treasure to music creation.

Listen To Contradicciones Here!!! – BandCamp


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