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Under the guise of the darkened shoguns that once ran Imperial Japan, DJ Muggs treads through nightfall over vast sand dunes with nothing but an MPC as his primary weapon. On his instrumental project Dies Occidendum, rules of honor are the only thing that abides through the 10 track project.

Opening with “Incantation,” the tongue twists that create the background of the instrumental are covered by an earworm of a percussive sound set. Working in more authentic sounds, the rattling clicks of breaking bamboo against itself is the hi-hat, giving the spacious underlying kick drum to be a messiah in this cloud of dust.

DJ Muggs who uses fear and provocation as a natural reflex becomes intertwined on Dies Occidendum like a black widow who spins a meticulous web. As tracks fade into “The Chosen One,” DJ Muggs dawns the hood of a million moons and begins to stalk with these ethereal symphonies remarking each step of progress. When the snaps of snares introduce themselves, the pieces of this daunting puzzle appear faster than the striking cobra, and more deadly than 100 kilos of gunpowder.

It’s hard not to become wrapped in each instrumental as the sectioning and layering uses samples for only a moment to describe a story, on “The Chosen One,” the crooked hand of fate reflects our narration. Describing from an unknown source, “You draw black, very appropriate… don’t you agree?” As the sample ends, the production ramps up to a boiling point that melts skin and entombs the listener in molten ash hotter than the surfaces of any star.

The fourth track of the northern lights is “Nigrum Mortem” which has more roots in jazz and freeform instrumentation than any hip-hop styling. The guitars and strings featured are entirely fuzz-ridden; becoming more of an entity than any pronounceable instrument.

The percussion follows suit but instead of playing as a backing building character, the drum set takes the forefront and leads on “Nigrum Mortem.” Within the spinal makeup, there is a solo that seems to last nearly the whole track.

Dies Occidendum is provocative and illustrative through these sections of instrumentals without needing to make an entrance. The build and natural progression of the work is able to speak for itself. The stylings of The Black Goat that continues to reappear as a message of fairy tales that mix with the occult, orchestrating death through the cards.

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