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Always a pleasure when Griselda’s own Benny The Butcher drops into town, especially when the Buffalo native brings a nine-track joint production with Harry Fraud on The Plugs I Met 2.

Opening like the neon lights and marble floors of Scarface, competition hangs from the helicopter by the neck like Omar The Rat on “When Tony Met Sosa.” It is almost picturesque as the vivid blues and bass from Harry Fraud begin to peel back the plastic while Benny The Butcher rips through rounds like a fully-loaded banana clip.

Describing like a preacher in full blue and red garb, “When niggas said they need less trappers and more poets, I kept talkin’ to hustler that’s more heroic.” As the production ramps up with vibrant strings and a boom-bap beat that could rattle the heavens, Benny The Butcher continues on, “It’s a difference when you rise out the ghetto, come back and grow it. The game broke my heart in three places, I never show it.”

Much of the allure that comes from the team-up here is when Benny The Butcher and Harry Fraud work to be a hammer and nail, continuously building borders of perfectionist foundations. Especially noticeable on the track “Live By It” where similar to Metro Boomin’s siren effect, these wailing keys are on full alert while The Butcher dissects.

Benny has moments of being this Scorsese-level character describing, “When you see the padlock, you know it’s a jackpot, listen. For a minute, robbery was my new profession. Pop up at your crib, dressed like UPS men. Show me where the money at or get your neck slit.”

It’s entirely brutal and relies on the shock factor of being militant behind the rhyme schemes and murder plots.

It’s hard to come off such a standout project like Burden Of Proof or even The Plugs I Met as a first stepping stone. But, there is however enough of a noteworthy ability and production difference for the two projects to really stand among monuments of themselves. Like a hero to a fallen city, Benny The Butcher rises with Griselda and continues to impress as the clock spins.

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