New Music – Carnival Of Souls


The weird experiential cousin of hard electronic noise that clashes with the beauty and elegance of indie-rock hits the forefront with SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE on their newest hellscape, ENTERTAINMENT, DEATH.

Opening with the track “ENTERTAINMENT,” the silver-tongued devils enact with walls of bleeps and clipping that resembles a drum-kit that was thrown in the washing machine. The sporadic warping and undecipherable mix of instruments clanging together is the downpour before the sunshine. The sun pulls back these curtains through clouds and appears in the form of vocalization directly from the abstract heavens.

Other pieces like “BAD SON” are reinvigorations of that angelic landscape through plucked harp strings and incredibly subtle vocals. The world that SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE is warped and one that is not to be trusted, the record catches flame and begins to slow down. Appearing as the vocals themselves were engulfed by the fires that rage harder and higher. The instrumental twists and for a moment, become this effigy of sound where the sacrificial lamb is set in place.

That lamb then becomes the track “GIVE UP YOUR LIFE” which off the distortion and instrumentation alone is deceiving. Following the same suits as a snake oil salesman, SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE reels in the audience with a low-tuned catchy strut through acid-dipped streets.

As the factors of manipulation pick up, ENTERTAINMENT, DEATH slowly turns gears to be a devil in satin sheets. Feeling as if nothing that came before it, SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE has moments of reminiscing factors. But as a whole product, every second spent with SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE is seconds away from becoming a sour detour through the jungles of horrible misfortune.

“WAKE UP (IN ROTATION)” bears perfect, glistening teeth through an instrumental that taps back into the Summer of Loves and eras of flower power. Like a transplant for the era, the heavy riding on the cymbals for the percussion instills more feelings of false comfort and friendliness where skeletal hands lie.

ENTERTAINMENT, DEATH is frankly in the same emotion of a carnival ride that takes the audience through dips of immense fear and isolation to then peaks of bright lights and relief that washes over. It’s somewhat polished but leaves enough grime to be a characterized outburst of cheap thrills and mystifying sights.

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