New Music – Inhale… Exhale…


Production from a record is a vital piece to building the atmosphere and world that allows the sound to exist. Whether a noisy assault on the ears or a subtle creep, the subsonic tiers are important to shift the mind from a wandering mess to a focused eagle eye.

April + VISTA border right on the idea of creating the smooth, but almost intimidatingly focused on Pit Of My Dreams that acts like a martyr for sound. The coalition of April George on vocals and composition, as well as MattVISTA as the producer, bassist, and dueling composer gives intense ability from the hands of two of D.C.’s newest personal favorites.

Not only are April’s vocals on the opening “Cooperators” immaculate, but it follows a theme on Pit Of My Dreams that relies on both parties working together to form a hive mind. While the production might be similar to the coffeehouse creep with these low-tuned bass notes and plucked strings, Pit Of My Dreams becomes a personal opium for the listener to sink into.

“What Is Enough” is this subterranean underground sea base with a production line that gives abstraction to the clean lines and vocals. Describing, “Crawling slowly to feel the ground, your words curse me. Repeat aloud, now, I’ve no room to stumble, perfection is law.” With the percussion showering in on rattling hi-hats and these snappy snares, April + VISTA seems multifaceted and gives this feeling of beauty behind the demise.

Then as “The Receiver” hits into the frame, Pit Of My Dreams moves to be this minimalistic sweetheart that boils to an extreme melting pot. Almost every culmination of sonics here adds up to be these whipping strings from April George and the undertones are sensual enough to melt butter through 808s.

Falling deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole releases this verse from Zeroh which is the closest thing to a spoken poetic verse. Switching the beat and giving more to the strings, Zeroh is abrasive here and the switch from April’s vocals becomes daunting. Her smooth and sultry pounces are replaced by a more strict delivery, but Pit  Of My Dreams needs this razor edge to match the production that is so sleek and seemingly effortless.

It’s almost otherworldly when the entire mix comes together and gives April + VISTA this throne of black velvet to sit upon. As cities crumble and ashes rise, an obsidian heaven never seemed closer than spending the night with Pit Of My Dreams.

Listen To Pit Of My Dreams Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/iTunes

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