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More fun than the elements of dance undertones, Billo’s Die Schiefe Bahn – Demo is a 10-minute exciting diversion from the norm of pop-rock. With extremely European influences, Billo is interesting over the six tracks they present, with just a three-piece of positive action.

Die Schiefe Bahn – Demo opens with “Atmungsaktiv,” and while the lyrics are difficult to translate over without knowing German, the instrumentation laid down translates perfectly by Jana on percussion, Anne-Sophie on the bass, and the vocals with guitars done by Billerbeck. The veracity is not the defining factor, instead, it is in the pop elements of punk rock that combines cutesy vocalization, giving a second glance toward the bubblegum coats of paint.

Especially on “Naja” which takes the bass and percussion to new rhythmic levels that are simultaneously militaristic and built for the dance club. The performance on “Naja” has Billo becoming this rising star that takes the one-two steps as a perfect foundational fit for the band. While mainly minimalistic sounding, Die Schiefe Bahn – Demo carries this thickness to it that mainly is based upon the instrumentals the band lays.

Primarily with later ensembles, “Pflanze” is enticing for the use of broad effects on the strings that stab at the ears. It is still laying in the fields of pop but is surrounded by these wilting and intimidating flowers as Billerbeck’s vocals become drowned by the atmosphere. Similar to a drill sergeant, Billo makes their orders known even without hitting a nervous chord.

Die Schiefe Bahn – Demo ends on “Vogelatren” that continues the theme of attacking the tom drum on the percussion while the strings play a constant motion. While the progressive motion is interesting and keeps the attention, the real passion comes from the environment that Billo can inscribe on the track. The carefree pop elements bounce against the wall like a rubber ball and continue to carry the same energy through Die Schiefe Bahn – Demo.

When the curtain falls and Billo is left in the crumbling wake, Die Schiefe Bahn – Demo is memorable for its short but attentive attitude. The spotlight is like a short poetic reading, carrying only moments before passing onto the ether like words spilling off the brain.

Listen To Die Schiefe Bahn – Demo Here!!! – BandCamp

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