Sometimes, you just wanna see something explode, and for only four-minutes, BLEED OUT is the firework catalyst. As they crack the surface on SPIT PROOF EP, the five tracks are aggressive with a blend of industrial and hardcore that has enough reverb to split the skull.

It is a resonant frequency only made by tanks and atom bombs, a sound too animalistic for human consumption; SPIT PROOF EP is just quick enough to do a buck-fifty and dip into the shadows. Spawning with “YOU DON’T BELONG HERE,” BLEED OUT is masochistic and takes extreme pleasure from being the whipping boy at the post. The warping introduction that boils to be 44-seconds is like adding overpowering spices to a bland dish, it makes an explosive concoction of immaculately loud and punishing performance.

The guitars are low-tuned to match the percussion and has growls that resemble more stabs in the dark than any lyrical understanding. With just the lyrics being described as “YOU DON’T BELONG HERE” on their BandCamp, BLEED OUT quickly makes incisions through rugged instrumentation.

The following piece, “C U T M E” is a rampaging behemoth of blast beats and breakdowns with sporadic notes on the guitar that warps into this 808 onslaught. The percussion on “C U T M E” is the star of the show for the minute being, with the one-two step becoming dynamite under the feet of the audience. It erupts around the 35-second mark with this harsh breakthrough that conquers into the speakers. As the track comes rearing to a close, the electronic percussion that is implemented becomes an exclusive break from the detrimental authenticity and transfers perfectly into the midpoint.

“F E E L M E” is able to dig into the listener like a grouping of knives, carving into the flesh with rapid-fire precisions. The swing notes that appear through the mix are the ups-and-downs that take motion into the form of shouts and burning snare cracks. SPIT PROOF EP might be illustrative as a tough leather boy, but the real desire to burn comes from the weighted production that continually appears. Whether in the form of bones shattering or with firebombing the casket that the audience lays in, BLEED OUT makes their point known.

Quickly rather than later, BLEED OUT comes swinging from the jump and makes four minutes seem like a hell ride with excitement and fear at every turn. SPIT PROOF EP takes five tracks, punches them into the skull, and makes the audience swallow every last bit of crunched delivery.

Listen To SPIT PROOF EP Here!!! – BandCamp

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