New Music – Sinking… Dying…


Who knew Salt Lake City could be home to a new grave underneath the mantra of Enemy Lines. The four-piece outfit with more thorns and veins to fit a metallic garden, In Your Grave, makes 15-minutes of fireworks an exciting demise.

From the opening of distorted melodies and vocal sampling, “Mushroom Cloud” is an aftermath of desolation where In Your Grave becomes death, destroyer of worlds. Fascinating and creating intrigue in just the crescendoing push toward the entirely instrumental sections, the low tuned crunching of the guitars, and bass punch upwardly toward the percussion. It is hazy but eventually peels away the chemical layers where below there is a decaying foundation.

That foundation is not matched until “Mkultra” where the instrumentation is crushing here. For a record only consisting of five separate tracks, “Mkultra” packs much of the needed dynamite and volatility into the first moments. It appears not so much as a desperate majority but leaves In Your Grave to be this conquering mechanism of war machines that collide.

They, in turn, flock to “Foundations” where the percussion is more of the staples that hold the mix together. More loud than progressive, more built for the crowd than the home, In Your Grave works toward this coalition staged breakdown where the vocals flood the speakers and overpower the audience. Providing a real intricacy to the sound, “Foundations” is standoffish but inviting enough with the off-beat patterns to demand appreciation.

Nails act like barriers where In Your Grave pushes toward this inevitable darkness and ending motion of “Establishment” where senses fail. The repeatability of the lyrics, “Fuck your establishment” continues to fall in line with the anti-sensibility of hardcore. The instrumentation here is a similar pattern to what was displayed on Enemy Lines, but “Establishment” has this razor-thin edge to it. Appearing almost as subtle quality, the synths here are this ever-present rock-bottom where there is stabilization.

Especially for the last minute of the record where the guitars crack into this bent string frenzy where the swirls and swings are some of the most capturing sections of the entire record. As civilizations crumble beneath the feet, In Your Grave takes “Establishment” to be one last shovel into the dirt where bones decay and skulls split.

Loud from the start to the finish, Enemy Lines is short enough to force replayability but heavy enough to engrain an etched mark into the head. It feels eerily similar through the entire mix but gives a blood-soaked ribbon to dawn.

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