Misc. Day – Let Hell Purify


Across the pond lays Thy Dying Light, a trance of devotion to the dark arts that begins from the start of 2016 to the end of time. As their June 2020 self-titled release marches down against the tides of war, Thy Dying Light has some black metal tricks up their sleeves.

The production for a record of this caliber is incredibly clean and is one of the first noticeable pieces of Thy Dying Light’s puzzle. Somehow even though the recording process is air-tight and leaves little room for any breath to escape, the shadows rush the audience from the start of “Under The Horns.” Immediately a stomp in nail-spiked boots that jut out like aggressive shin guards, the percussion here from Azrael is a resurrection of the demonic sound.

Coming up with the guitars as well, Azrael is a powerhouse that combines with the likes of Hrafn to cover the vocals, guitars, and bass. The two-man wrecking crew is volatile in a studio space, with corpse paint overthrown to polish off the night. Lamps of heat disguised as strengthening riffs and intricate percussion give Thy Dying Light a foundation of steel to stand upon.

With a world cowering around them, Thy Dying Light moves to “Black Death Master” which is essentially four-minutes of a straightforward crunch through sound. With not much being able to be heard besides the shouts that resemble “Satan” over and over again, Thy Dying Light never seems to be on the back foot. They lead with upbeat instrumentation and always keep the mind active through the near 45-minutes of time.

Each track blends together but has these periods of real surprise that even after multiple listens holds layering not often found in the same genre of technicality. Instead of just pounding their heads against a brick wall to illustrate the shroud of storms, Thy Dying Light forces ornate into the listener as a polarizing outsider of performance. Where the white painted skin and the leather straps meet, however, is this fair middle ground where tracks are shortened and appealing.

The sense of drowning that appears in the music from Thy Dying Light is less from the atmosphere intensity and more from the powder keg that the band is placed next to. Like dynamite in a firework factory, Thy Dying Light is dangerous and for that reason becomes a joy to hear after each track.

From the ugliness of ritual sacrifice to the bitter ends of cold desolation, Thy Dying Light is a call back to the old days of black metal with undertones of modernity to it. They adapt, they combine, and most importantly, they are able to stay rigid against the incoming wails of misery as Thy Dying Light takes a throne next to the sunken place.

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