New Music – A Christmas Miracle


There are some moments where too many cooks in the kitchen can actually be a positive thing. In the case of Future and Lil Uzi Vert on Pluto X Baby Pluto, the spaceship takes off and seems to be a cascading dream that was the discussion of high school lunch tables in 2015.

There was no way that Future could coexist within the same world as Lil Uzi Vert, but understandably they hit the same veins of hip-hop. The delivery was just slightly altered to fit a unique status. As Pluto X Baby Pluto begins, the 808 stomp on “Stripes Like Burberry” is a timid blend of the two together. Not really breaking through the barrier like a rampaging animal, that comes after on “Marni On Me” where the lanes switch and become more adaptable to a modern club scene.

Two places that Vert and Future dominate, the delivery from the pair coincide like oil and a pan. The hook while repetitive is covered by Vert and Future trading back and forth on verses where one will start and the other will take the reins to finish. Describing, “Chopper right under my seat,” Future then comes in, “I don’t wanna talk if you if you talkin’ cheap.” The chemistry conflicts like two champions of rap that instead of battling to the death,  turn on the king and go for a split crown.

The following track “Sleeping On The Floor” holds one of the more creative lines and braggadocious bars from Future describing, “I wear more Gucci than Gucci.” The production from D. Hill and Loudy Luna is rambunctious enough to not even need verses to be engaging. The screeches from Vert in his ad-libs and lyrical displays like “High off of pills, talk with two phones, look at them two bitches that was with me. Both suckin, I get two domes,” are exciting in the right state of mind.

Halfway through the project though, it is almost as if Vert passes Future in ability and stamina. Most of the production here fits like a glove to Vert and at times feels as if Future is trying to push himself to fit the verses. Not that Future is not present, he is but at times regresses to being overshadowed by Vert who is energetic on the tracks and is slightly easier to follow from a distance

It is hard to identify why Pluto X Baby Pluto fits into this frame of reflected diamonds and clear stones, but everything is so polished and clean that the love of Future and Vert comes from the ugliness that surrounds them and how they can twist that into a new planet.

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