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Public Acid isn’t just what needs to be implemented into the school system but is perhaps one of the more illustrative acts of 2020. For only being available over six tracks and a total of nine minutes, Condemnation EP is a powerhouse of punk and feedback through the machine.

Opening with “Nuclear Child,” Public Acid wastes no time immediately constructing this punchy floor-tom stagger where the strings and vocals can then begin a sonic conquest. The legs twist and conform to a new beat as the individual members seem to work against each other rather than together attracts much of the attention. Much of “Nuclear Child” and Condemnation EP rather is a carnival of souls that resembles fragments of progression and concurrent steps into strength rather than a full-on mission.

But on “Electric Plague” the band seems to be more about one overarching march into the depths of despair rather than having multiple members bounce around in opposing styles. The short runtime of the tracks here aids in the replayability factor and pushes Condemnation EP as one of the easier dishes to stomach over such a volatile bed of rice. Nothing seems easy, however, and one of the moments of power from Public Acid comes from their ability to be the controlling and dominant force in the room.

Similar to an atom bomb of sound, Public Acid would rather spend their dying breath punishing the audience than making any stride toward self-perseverance. A somewhat noble act as “Condemnation” and “Spoiled By Hate” arrive on the scene like solidified napalm. They coat the record in a hellish fire that is co-precipitated by aluminum salts that embed in the record and burn a whole new way. Frankly, Condemnation EP is abusive but impossible to turn away from.

With each second resembling impending doom, Public Acid seems unkillable and something that just won’t stay dead. Even on the final track “Flag Fetish” which sticks the knife in for one last twist, there is nothing redeeming that Public Acid does not already display to the audience. The headstrong guitar solo or the percussive grenades that shellshock the listener, to the distortion that carries the bodies to an unmarked grave; Public Acid is a living, breathing 100-car pile-up.

No survivors, no hope of light in the future, Public Acid is exactly what you want from a hardcore punk record. The destructive undertones, the lack of real finesse, and the stench of animal instinct. Bless to the studio that was no doubt left in ashes after Condemnation EP was finished there.

Listen To Condemnation EP Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify

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