New Music – Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner


The alter-ego of one of the greatest producers to ever touch an MPC, The Food Villain coming from The Alchemist is almost too gourmet for your greasy paws. It spins along with the vinyl player like silk but has the appearance of two pounds of spaghetti. They sit on your stomach and feel draining even over a quick 24-minute appetite.

Rather than spending time on his other projects dancing around the idea of food, his previous pieces Israeli Salad, Alfredo, Lamb Over Rice, Bread, etc… The Food Villain goes right into culinary excellence or disobedience as a topic. Using samples from Action Bronson’s F*ck That’s Delicious, Alchemist sits on a throne of balsamic bruschetta atop with basil for the opener disguised as “Alan.”

Where claps and shouts of Alchemist’s real name are heard, “Alan” is cheerful and even for fans of just the music, the show’s comedic element runs through. The following of “The Angry Guy” is a bone-shattering one-two snap of hypnotic shifts and burns through crunches of sound. As Bronson describes, “He’s a villainous person, we’re not playing around with the edits,” everything lines up to have The Food Villain be the enemy of the public cheese lines.

Almost every second ever spent with Alchemist involves a glorious rework of something eerily familiar, on “Who Eats Wings Like That?” Alchemist uses these samples of the show and little string runs that resemble a Disney picture to paint the stage. The rambunctious bounce is cheerful but also deadly as the neck begins to sway through each 16 piece on The Food Villain.

Even though Alchemist primarily lives as a producer, when he invites Bronson to actually spit some crumbs on “I Hate Everything,” it Is delightful and a breath of fresh air. The production is plucked on high tuned strings with a grimy 808 crack collected among the snare. Bronson describes, “No I don’t want that, I don’t like that. Been around the world I’m not impressed… three Michelin Stars I’m not impressed, I hate everything, I’m the food villain.” And while a majority of the tracks are only a minute or so, “I Hate Everything” is a personal clown for Alchemist to use as a king would use a jester.

The plate spins and the cuisine is almost to die for as The Food Villain comes to a closing that only would fit Emeril Lagasse. Burning but not to the point of overheating, just a searing that enhances the flavor and seems to sauté the palate. Solidify the importance of overeating; The Food Villain makes consumption enjoyable once more.

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