Misc. Day – Die Faster


Nothing about Holy Death speaks of rebirth or the passage that a cold demise brings, instead on their new EP Deus Mortis, the desert stretches farther and is more sprawling than before.

Tuned low and more into a vein of dooming hardcore, Holy Death drops off only four tracks in 13 minutes, the shortest of all their current releases so far. But the limited run time adds to the approachability of the record, begging for it to be spun as soon as it ends.

Opening with “Ritualistic Pain,” the ambient drumming and atmospheric feedback from the strings here is ceremonial and droning. Scrawled in messages upon cave walls, “Ritualistic Pain” is a steady slowdown before the crushing crawl toward venom within the speakers. Acting almost as a lumbering giant, the following of “Spiritual Degradation” is closer in tune to an arching cast with vocals that resemble closer to growls than any narration.

The build-up here is what truly captures and when the dominoes then tumble, it creates this chain reaction of emotional torture. Essentially, Holy Death wants to break over the wall of security and blur the lines of art and physical pain.

Even on the title track “Deus Mortis” which uses these foreboding church-esque chants to sculpt a backing, Holy Death stays incredibly vigilant at pushing through as a marching squad of misery. The guitar and bass here are deafening and when combining both the percussion and vocals alongside, the mix is astounding. Something built for monuments to fall and teeth to shatter, Holy Death is engaging and keeps the attention.

While that attention is only for 13 minutes, the content inside here on Deus Mortis is fascinating to unfold. Progressing almost as if it was one extensively long track, the consistency of Deus Mortis is captivating and builds mausoleums for the foundation. Even coming off their other works like M M X I X or Celestial Throne Ov Grief, there is a similar vein of sound but the progression is apparent.

Deus Mortis hits harder, recovers faster, and is able to bend further as time continues on with Holy Death. No matter the release, the textures and flexibility that Holy Death protrude continues to make them so digestible even when the fires burn out.

Listen To Deus Mortis Here!!! – BandCamp

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