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HEALTH has always been closely related to some of the better industrial sounds of the current landscape through digital media. Now, when they combine with essentially four to five personal favorites at one time and a dozen innovative artists at once, the recipe instantly becomes addicting to the ears.

If ears could speak, they would first ask “What in the hell is HEALTH?” The trio with Jake Duzsik on vocals and guitar, John Famiglietti on bass and effects, then BJ Miller all combine to be a uniquely identifiable force of both building blocks and destruction. The fourth installment of their DISCO saga, DISCO4 :: PART I is a connectional transition to both the beauty and mire of distortional sound.

Opening with their only track that doesn’t include a feature, “CYBERPUNK” is actually subtle here and a gentle introduction to the warping hell that becomes HEALTH’s domain. Where there should be electronic dissonance, DISCO4 :: PART I begins as a harmonious start where the vocals are engrained into the synths to become less foreign and more unison somehow.

The following of “BODY/PRISON” with a feature from Perturbator decides that a scrawling atmosphere of computerized and automated segue is more fitting as HEALTH only gets more terrifying as time goes on. The boom-snap percussive beat on the one and two is easy to follow, but the surrounding guitars and rampaging energy switch is chaotic symmetry.

Less of a turn-off, HEALTH is interesting and takes artists like 100 Gecs who while personally haven’t seriously been on my radar as an act to frequent, moves to the track “POWER FANTASY” where revisiting their own discography is an option. “POWER FANTASY” is out of the element of harsh noise and fits more into something that can be played for an upbeat club sound, until the second production transition, where the sleight of hand changes the format to be more raw and less precise. This lack of precision comes as a human touch in the mostly synthetic world that HEALTH and 100 Gecs create.

Later pieces like the collaboration “Full Of Health” which was a single from DISCO4 :: PART I are blitzing and focus on taking both strengths of HEALTH and Full Of Hell to the forefront. The ungodly vocals from Full Of Hell’s Dylan Walker and HEALTH’s vocals from  Duzsik are polar opposites but coincide within each other as both the guiding hand and the destroying one. Security and safety are abandoned as the crushing break downs are pulverizing, leaving the audience nearly shattering under the immense weight.

Duzsik describes “No one will mourn, no one hears. I long for the wasted years, I trusted a friend.” As the instrumentation and contorting intensity picks up, Duzsik adapts tone to illustrate, “If you could know, who’d do you wrong. The wasted love that you could stop.” Easily one of the more stand-out collaborations coming from DISCO4 :: PART I, “Full Of Health” continues to etch into the skull just like a majority of the pieces featured here.

But when death calls, HEALTH stands less isolated and more like an army of grouping arrangers, vocalists, and instrumentalists to bring both silk and mud to the ears. From Payne to power, HEALTH brings DISCO4 :: PART I as one of the more perfect collaborative pieces through sonic wastes.

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