Classic Day – Second Time Around


The Underground Kings or just simply UGK might have had only two lyricists working together, but the sound that exemplified from their vocals and backing production is like jumping into a time machine. Especially on their second studio record, Super Tight which is slowed and more focused on spending a screwed up time together over 11 tracks.

Opening with a funk rhythm ready to rival George Clinton, both Pimp C, and Bun B are bulletproof through their introductory track, “Return.” A hook that describes, “It’s the return of the trill ass niggas, but you can’t hear me. It’s the return of the trill ass niggas,” and a 70’s styled car chase instrumental, UGK is explosive on their intro.

Pimp C snaps as the first lyricist, describing, “From the trill villa with a steel trigga, land of the real killers. Pop pop motherfucker there you go. I’mma bust em on yo ass if you don’t ease up off me ho.” He continues on as the instrumentation picks up and begins to become a slithering ooze of smooth sound, “So you gon give me my money but you don’t hear me though. But I bet you hear me when I fill you with bullet holes.”

Almost addictive by the time that Bun B appears on the track, his verse is intimidating but reflects perfectly off Pimp C’s styling. He describes, “Niggas steady catching lead to the head, I never aim for the chest. Motherfuckas sporting bulletproof vests. So I guess when I start blasting, niggas start passin away. Dearly beloved, I had yo ass gathered today.” The predatory style from UGK is lightning to the ears and Super Tight is a vacuum-sealed pack for the audience to rip apart.

The production that continues from Pimp C as the main producer holds Leo Nocentelli on guitar, Chris Severin on bass, and David Tornkanowsky under the piano and organ. Together, the group is essentially able to survive off the instrumentals alone and the track “It’s Supposed To Bubble” is a prime instance of UGK’s beauty.

While the lyrics and narration coming from Pimp C and Bun B might be shocking or refer to PCP, the instrumentation here could survive without the charisma of the two lyricists. The star of the track is actually Tornkanowsky on the keys who at the track’s end, delivers prodigy level play as a dynamic screen overlay.

The guitar from Nocentelli and the bass work from Severin are in-tandem to segue from just simple funk overlays to boosting Tornkanowsky up on this platformed stage. But the production from Pimp C is also vital to highlight as it allows all the pieces to slide together in this glimmering jigsaw of spliced cigarettes and spilled champagne.

UGK seems to have taken quite some time to arrive into the hands, but when the pack finally touches down, they are glorious. With a southern style close to gangsta rap and funky instrumentals, the flair here is more than just hot suns and golden grills.

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