Misc. Day – E, A, D, And G


With hands outstretched and strings flex, Christopher Tignor not only is able to assemble a world of sound through one-man-band tactics of production. His atmosphere that is surrounded by both the comfort of familiarity and the uncertainty of the incoming future, Tignor is a master of his craft on Along A Vanishing Plane.

Best suited under the dim lights of city nights where trains can be seen in the distance and the weather is cold, but not yet frigid. The spiderlike tapping’s that Tignor can illustrate from his violin under heavy bass and droning synth work on Along A Vanishing Plane is bordering the blur between orchestral and futuristic. Two polar opposites that can find a relinquishing sense of hopelessness as cultures clash to become a new mesh of rope to grab. His opening of “We Keep This Flame” that draws the blinds on the 10-track record is as fascinating as it is uplifting.

The bright string patterns are never blinding, but are a wash of enlightenment disguised as prideful pushes. The introductory strings are met with subtle percussion and bass work to fulfill the backing while Tignor is the center stage. This goes until a triangle clicks and becomes this mystic wonder through “One Eye Blue, One Eye Black (Blue)” that is reminiscent of the opening but fulfills more sluggish intentions.

The two-part track that has a following of “One Eye Blue, One Eye Black (Black)” creates more sinister motives that are a concerto of creation.

Waves crash, but almost in slow motion as the saturation bleeds from the frame similar to oil running over a canvas. The oil then shifts to blood, eventually turning into a sludge where the latter half of “One Eye Blue, One Eye Black (Black)” is a dark-lit cavern that seeps and wallows.

Slithering to the listener’s ear, the tension rises and hair begins to stand as the tambourine and hi-hat clasp together in unison, stumbling closer and closer until the presence is nearly unbearable. Tignor is never frightening as it is unnerving, based upon wonder. Especially when he reaches onto “Shapeshifting” where the resonance is built over deconstructed ashes of large mechanical bass hits that form on top of these twinkling string sections.

The four minutes spent here with “Shapeshifting” are whimsical but well in-tuned with sporadic nature too. The random plucks on the strings are frequent enough, but do not have much of a pattern as they fade in and out of the atmosphere, Tignor creates. The harsh hammer-esque smacks that wallop are engaging, and push the method of shock forward.

But when the curtain call comes and Tignor is the last isolated means of creation on Along A Vanishing Plane, the plan comes to fruition. A marble molded figure for the class and ability to push forward. Tignor does precise viper strikes instead of wide range assaults, aiding to the conquest for speaker domination.

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