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In 2020, the idea of 100 people climbing over each other to grab at a microphone, sweating, and aggressively struggling under scorching stage lights might seem impossibly foreign. But with Hot and Flustered by Cold Meat, they thrive in the chaos where the unexpected and raw power is as essential to creation as the atom.

Opening with “Piscies Crises,” the guitar work from K-Hole is immediately a thrashing pushing and pulling where nothing but emotion and gut instinct matters. The lyrics from Ashley Ack that form over a continuous tide of noise describes, “When my head’s in a mess, when I’m tanked at the bank. When I lose all my cues at the gallery.” They continue on with a break to become the hook that describes, “Pisces crises brings me to my knees… I can’t talk, I can’t shout. I can’t read, I can’t write. I can’t sleep, I can’t wake, I don’t remember.” The vocals here are infectious and create a real desire to open Hot and Flustered on the dissecting table even after hearing just the first two minutes.

Through the 23 minute record, the 10 tracks that pour over like burning wax are duly thanks to the consistency of the instrumentation and pairing of vocals. Almost as if the lyrics were spoken word over rampaging army parades, Cold Meat is loud and makes a point to be heard.

As shown on “Cinematic Fashion,” the undercut of punchy drums on the track is a base block for the foundation of guitars, bass, and vocals to ride along. Describing over rugged rolls on the floor tom with 1,000-pound drum sticks, “A wasted Westwood wardrobe approaches me and asks me, ‘Would you like to look like me? Would you like to look like me? Would you like to look like me? Would you like to look like me?’”

Then the vocals from Ack twist to become shouted at levels almost unconceivable illustrating, “Like cinematic fashion, like cinematic fashion…” as the bass riff here from Dim Tim becomes a staple of the track. The bass and percussion here are on another level of chemistry just like how the vocals and guitars work to feed off each other like parasitic lovers. Grotty Lotty covers the percussion and is a beast behind the skins, playing fairly simple rhythms to punk styles, but giving them an explosion of resonation to burst through as unique.

Cold Meat overall sculpts a formation of transfers through equal power. Whether the eyes fixation on Dim Tim to Ack or the sudden punches of Grotty Lotty and K-Hole. Every second spent with Hot and Bothered is fantastic in both building walls of sound and then breaking them down in the same breath./

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