Misc. Day – Black Light


The fascination that black metal takes on with death and the occult is less of an unhealthy obsession and more of a realization of the dark arts that transpose history. One of the more unknown masters of the puppet strings hails from Marseille, France, under the disguise of Corpus Diavolis.

While they have been a group since 2008, it was not until their 2017 release of Atra Lumen to where their sound was a springboard for an unquenchable stab into the darkness. As the eight tracks pile over 44 minutes, the experience is a walk with demise but never seems to push to become an overtly aggressive experience. Instead, much the consistent pounding is almost a reprieve before the inevitable silence that follows all pushes toward the other side.

Opening with “Revelations Before Dawn,” the classic sound of scraping strings against cathedral-levels of percussion where echoes are the main carrying factor. The setting is right for a ritual, one with smoke shrouds and white corpse paint. It is slightly disheartening to see that Corpus Diavolis is not seeing much of a limelight even at the time of writing this, their Spotify page has only 12 monthly listeners. Together they seriously outperform a majority in their class and are operating at a level that is surprisingly strengthened as time continues on.

The growls and shrieks here paired with the onslaught of edging armies at the ready is more intimidating than it is pulverizing. There is not a constant weight on the audience, but rather a push toward this unregistered fatality. Shown in “Signs Of End Times” where the mass would be at the final sermon, the minister of destruction uses atmosphere and horrific noise to compile screams and pain through the guitar works of both Lord Khaos and Analyser. Following is IX on the percussion and Daemonicreator through bass and vocals.

Ultimately, the blast beats and harsh strumming here is welcoming by black metal standards and the production is rather clean for a genre draped in shadows. Atra Lumen as a whole is a fairly ordered and uniform record that leaves not much room for surprise, but that aids it in this case. The work here is profound and is arranged as a coherent piece of human sacrifice. The entire time, the listener has to be offered up to the undetermined as time marches on. The door to the dungeon becomes shut and the audience is locked away, forever etched as a victim under Corpus Diavolis’ boots.

Even at the end of the journey through muck and mire, Atra Lumen ends on a positive note; or as positive as black metal could possibly be. It leaves no loose ends and puts all the tarot on the table. As the vinyl burns like an effigy to Lucifer, Corpus Diavolis transforms into an indescribable creature that can slither away back into their eclipsing domain.

Listen To Atra Lumen Here!!! – BandCamp/Amazon/iTunes

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