Misc. Day – Ovr Yu


The immense disparity that can occur in instrumental music is a turning point to introduce sound that is both fascinating through sonic approach and texture. The layering that Holy Other can encapsulate and then conquer with is not only a fascinating section of land to stand upon, but the nearly faceless producer is ambient through the borderless grasp.

The plunging EP from 2011, With U is the reminiscent work of waves that can crash against a roaming cliffside. The sea while impressive through beauty is a conquering giant that orchestrates respect. In the same way that the sea commands, Holy Other follows suit, and the opening track, “Know Where” is performative and draped in scale. The currents that both pull and push the listener through the four-count of bass undertow which then bleeds in vocal samples from ethereal apparitions becomes almost divergent.

While still identifiable in their own right, Holy Other is constructed as this creature of droning resonation. Each intricate piece of the puzzle, while fully complex, honestly brands to become more simple as each key is dragged away. When staring at the foundation of With U, the five tracks over 21-minutes is enough to sear, but not destroy. The importance of restraint here with Holy Other is the main vibrance that keeps the instrumentals alive and able to shift so suddenly. There is never a complete jerking motion that opens the ears through surgical steel, but the use of synths and phantasmic whispers is strangely soothing.

Even on the stuttered steps of “Touch” where the instrumental is an enterprise of breaths and respirators barely keeping the so-called narrator alive, the pale snaps of percussion and draining shifts are gorgeous. With a record that immediately paints white rooms with unbreakable walls, the glass sheathe can then be peeled apart by Holy Other to reveal an urban landscape. With skyscrapers that grind against the night with ominous lights in the distance, the alleys and guttural locations that Holy Other forms while imaginary, is fitting.

With U becomes this soundtrack to deconstruction and with one sudden push, the audience can fall behind too. The shortlist of tracks and the bargaining chips that lay on the table is enough to snatch the listener up by the ears, forcing them to withstand a cool crash of waves once again.

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